Simple Test Tells You If You Should Be Seeing Your Bellevue Chiropractor.

One question that I hear all the time from my patients is “how does my wife or husband know if they should be seeing a chiropractor?” There are multiple ways to know if you should be seeing a chiropractor and not all of them have to do with pain and discomfort. I have developed a test for the neck to determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care called the “head turn test”.

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment For You

Having carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one of the nightmares of people who are in typing jobs. But they should not be worried anymore for there are now carpal tunnel syndrome treatments. There are two types of treatments, which are surgical and non-surgical.

Achieve Full Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery

Having a carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is really very difficult because it will affect your daily lifestyle. When the condition becomes worse and it really gives you a lot of pain, surgery would be an option for this. After that procedure, you have to have a plan for your carpal tunnel surgery recovery period to hasten your recovery.

My Wrists Hurt, Can A Bellevue Chiropractor Help Me?

“My name is Bill, and I work in the marketing department for Microsoft. Over the past three months I’ve been noticing that my day-to-day activities such as buttoning my shirt, opening the milk jug, and caring my briefcase are becoming increasingly difficult due to the pain that they seems as though the pain in my wrist and hand his worst when I’m at work, working on the computer. The pain is becoming so bad, that I am now worried that I will not be able to continue my job duties if it does not go away.what should I do?”