Genital Wart Treatments: Natural Treatments for Genital Wart Sufferers

Let’s put it this way: No. That’s the short answer. The long answer is that some do, but you really shouldn’t try any home remedies. There are so many over the counter and prescription medications that work like a charm, and home remedies can be hit and miss, completely useless, or in some cases, even dangerous. Nevertheless, we’ll list a few home remedies that have been shown to have some moderate results on common hand warts, but we will say that we do not condone, endorse or recommend a single one of these as a genital wart treatments option. In other words, consider this a list of what not to do…

HPV Genital Wart Treatment: Discover Your Options

HPV genital wart treatment can be frustrating. The average person may need several treatments to clear genital warts. None of the available treatments is a cure for HPV. The virus can remain in the skin after treatment. Because the virus can lie dormant in the cells, in some cases warts can return months or even years after treatment. In other cases warts never recur. The types of HPV linked to cervical cancer usually are not the types linked with genital warts. But a woman with genital warts, like any other sexually active woman, should have regular smears as advised by her health professional. Cervical smears are the best safeguard against cervical cancer. Cervical smears detect abnormal cells present on the surface of the cervix. Cancer almost always can be prevented through the early detection and treatment of abnormal cervical tissue.