Fear of Intimacy – Is That My Partner?

Ever had your heart hurt by someone? Most of us would answer yes. Infrequently our hearts are hurt to such a degree we start building walls around our damaged heart in-order-to provide protection from a future hurt. Our heart can be damaged in a noticeably emotional way and even in a physical way. Having emotional discomfort can certainly lead directly to fear of intimacy where we are constantly safeguarding our heart from anymore discomfort and we are keeping others out.

Fear of Intimacy – Experiencing a Lifetime of Freedom

Not one of us wants to suffer pain due to someone else. A break-up of a friendship, a romantic relationship or particularly a marriage can be terribly unpleasant and leave a long-lasting result on our lives. There may be emotional scars and even real physical discomfort. Occasionally such agonizing experiences could lead to what’s labeled physiologically as “fear of intimacy”, which takes the apprehension of hurt to a higher level.