Symptoms of Women Yeast Infections

To say that a yeast infection, which is caused by the Candida fungus, is characterized by discomfort and pain may be a gross understatement to women who have experienced this condition. Vaginal yeast infections occur in women when there’s an increase in the volume of yeast that may already be present in the vagina or when new yeast becomes entrenched in the area. The yeast grows out of control, causing weeks and sometimes months of distress.

Although some yeast infection symptoms mirror the indicators of other conditions and are considered to be nonspecific, there are a host of signs when considered together more often than not indicate the presence of an overabundance of the Candida fungus. Generally speaking, vulvitis, which is the inflammation of the vulva or a woman’s external genital area, is commonly associated with yeast infections. Vaginitis, an inflammation of the vagina, is also a well-known symptom of this condition.

Commonly, women who have the Candida fungus will experience reoccurring itching in the vulvar and/or vaginal region. As the infection worsens, this itching will increase in severity and become more constant. Other symptoms include burning and soreness in the area. Like the itching, these two symptoms will also become more intense as the infection multiplies. Pain may also be present during urination or intercourse. If all of these conditions occur together, then there’s a good chance that a woman has a yeast infection.

A less common symptom is vaginal discharge. Usually the discharge has a thick consistency and appearance. The discharge, which is odorless, is often said to resemble cottage cheese. Passing pain in the vulvar area may also occur.

Doctors may prescribe antifungal creams that are placed on and in the irritated area and oral medications. Over the counter medicines are also sometimes recommended. If a woman experiences four or more yeast infections in one year that are not connected to the use of antibiotics, she’s considered to have a reoccurring condition. If this happens, often doctors will then recommend more concentrated and aggressive treatment for the infection.

However, often women are looking to utilize holistic cures designed to naturally treat the infection. Such remedies are devoted to ensuring that their bodies are put back into balance. Solutions based on nutrition and the manner in which the body logically works as a natural organism have provided total relief for many sufferers.

The fact is that yeast infections can get in the way of daily living, making it more difficult for women to focus on things that are important to them-work, children, recreation, personal relationships and other areas.

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