Sweet Yet Sinful Temptations

There are lots of things in this world which could be the cause of man committing sins, sinful temptations, which in many cases, are in the forms of the things that we need the most. They cloak themselves in the form of our needs and mislead us into committing grave acts not only to mankind but to God Himself.

Sinful Temptations: They Can Be Almost Everywhere

Temptations are everywhere. There’s no place on earth devoid of temptations. It could be in the form of food, money, power, knowledge and even with human feelings; feelings that can actually wreck havoc not only to 1 person but to an entire family. Sinful temptations actually let out the human’s 7 innate sins. These deadly sins are the reasons why we are moving farther and farther away from the reality and light which is God. What exactly are these deadly sins?

There are actually said to be 7 deadly sins of human which had been created as a result of their betrayal to God’s orders back when the very first mankind were created in the Garden of Eden: lust, greed, sloth, anger, gluttony, jealousy and pride. All these sins are always drawn to temptations which is the reason why human beings are easily lead down the wrong path especially when they do not possess a very strong faith in themselves. We may believe that we have done nothing wrong for the reason that we’re blinded by these said temptations but that is not really the case. We all need to be enlightened during our journey as we battle it out with sweet sinful temptations.

How Can We Fight Sinful Temptations?

Nothing surpasses prayer. If you are a prayerful person and your faith is strong, no matter what the devil offers you, you’ll not yield that easily. You’ll continue to stand strong in your faith and can never be blinded with the fairly sweet words the devil might tell us.

Also be aware of your surroundings. You can certainly not tell the things which are lurking just around the corner. Be prepared and always equip yourself with God’s words of wisdom and let this become your added strength and armor. Regardless of how strong the enemy, regardless of how fairly sweet the temptation is, you will never yield. You’ll never fail.

Keep your faith strong and triumph these sinful temptations.

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