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  1. wholemealbread says:

    youre great, and you look gorgeous!!!!!

  2. CarlasWrld says:

    I love this woman. She is bold, blunt and so right.

  3. SkinnyGirl125 says:

    you are so deep my friend!

  4. berryfairy68 says:

    Susan you are awesome. You showed it could be done, long, long ago. It’s so inspiring that after all these years you’ve kept the weight off.

  5. Gawd Susan you are such a funny woman! You are so dramatic, I love it!!!!

  6. mythicstealth says:

    Preach it! I thought the same exact thing. I am SO glad to have found your vids here. Was a big fan years ago & recently found ya on Twitter. Keep motivating people the way you do – things need to change!

  7. citygrl1981 says:

    Susan I remember a show like that, it was YOUR SHOW back in the 90’s. It was amazing and I was sad to see it end.

  8. TheHerpesHero says:

    Ballgag, you wouldn’t know liberal if it bit you on the nasal bone. You’re still assuming things and you’re still wrong.

    Well, actually, since I don’t know what you’re puking about now (or at least can’t identify the latest stereotype you’re beating) I have no idea if you’re wrong or not.

    But I’m definitely not from San Fran.


  9. Herpes, you are one of those San Fran nut jobs who call themselves liberals and who give liberals a bad name.

  10. TheHerpesHero says:

    I think you assume far too much for your own good. I am none of these things: I am a progressive liberal, someone who wants to see acceptance for all people. Are you a liberal? Do you call yourself a liberal? I certainly hope not. You act about as liberal as your buddy Rush.

    Also, not only did you totally ignore the fat joke I set up for you, but you mistook the word “call” for “fall.” THE FUCK BRO? CREAK CREAK STARVE STARVE

  11. I think you are one of those San Fran crazy fat acceptance man hating NAZIS who fall themselves liberals.

    Jealous fat girls make women look stupid.

  12. TheHerpesHero says:

    It’s a statue of a bundle of sticks. Also, I’m a liberal. Lulz.

    If you put your finger too close to Balldez’s mouth, he’d try to rip your hand off. I JUST SET YOU UP FOR A GREAT FAT JOKE BONES SO DON’T MESS IT UP!


  13. First off neocon Susan is at a normal weight you fat slob. Do you want to rub Rush Limbaugh’s man boobs sweet boy?

    Susan Powter is a womanly woman with a womanly body. Her body is like a statue but your wife’s body is that of the typical American land whale. EAT EAT WADDLE WADDLE

  14. TheHerpesHero says:

    Do you want to rub her cheek bones, Dez?

    Do you want to caress her ribcage?

  15. bloodyromantics says:

    i wanna train with u!

  16. lostindreams3 says:

    I think Susan Powter and Jackie Warner would make great business partners or friends.

  17. OMG you are SO right!!!

  18. Her catch phrase was “STOP THE INSANITY!”

  19. hydeparkmac says:

    What a blast from the past. I remember Susan P. when she had short hair. I forgot her catch phrase. But I’m glad she’s still into weight loss.

  20. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  21. chrissyforanimals says:

    i so get ya susan, for real. why do we, the world, continue to make a big deal of look at me and what i did thing. we put poeple on a high horse for loosing weight and then tare then down when, all my gosh they gain two pounds. so what they lost weight, so what they gained weight. man this is getting really old.

  22. Joanne1974KiwiGirl says:

    I totally get you, Susan! … It’s like Oprah (in the 80’s) wheeling out her body weight in fat, wearing the skinny jeans … or Kirstie Alley in her bikini (on Oprah) … or Wynonna Judd vowing (again, Oprah) to lose the weight and nothing came of it …

    This dated weight loss mentality seems to have returned to TV, where it’s all about looking good for a moment. They’re doing it wrong, for the wrong reasons (for other people) and worst of all – they gain it all back.

  23. It just goes to show that you can never be too careful.

  24. VixxenEyez says:

    lol i still excercise to ur 1992 video that was filmed in dallas 😀

  25. ChavaAyanna says:

    I would think about you through the years and wonder what ever happened to you. Nice to see you are still doing well

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