Surgery Versus Breast Enhancement Pills

Nowadays, many women in all parts of the world dream of having a bigger bust. When a woman has big breasts she is considered sexier, more feminine, younger and more attractive. Different methods are used to enlarge the bust including surgery and breast enhancement pills.

Before deciding on the method to use, one should understand its cons and pros. Surgery is one of the options that is well-known and many women have used it. Although it has been successful it has also a number of shortcomings. First of all, it is a painful and complicated process which requires long stay in the hospital. This may lead to high bills, chances of infection and psychological trauma.

Pills have ingredients which increase estrogen production. This is the hormone which helps to grow breast tissue. They are quite cheap and this makes them affordable to almost any woman. They are a less invasive and lower risk method of enhancing your breasts. They don’t affect your fertility, effectiveness of birth control pills or even menstruation.

One does not require much preparation to use the pill. This helps the person to be calmer and more focused on getting bigger breasts. With surgery, a lot of preparation is required which could be quite stressful. One is required to sleep in a certain way, eat certain foods and lay in a certain way among other conditions.

With surgery, one spends weeks or even months in hospital before fully recovery. With the pill, no recovery time is required. You just take them as per instructions and then wait for your breasts to start growing. No pain is associated with this process apart from some little sensitivity in the breasts.

While breast enhancement pills enlarge your natural breasts, surgery is in form of implants which can cause disfigurement or post-operative complications. Natural breasts fit the body just the way they should and look far much better than the artificial ones. Acquiring bigger, natural breasts without any stress makes one proud.

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