Sun Burn Treatment

Anyone who has experienced sunburn because of staying out too long in the sun can tell you that it is something that you have to be wary about because it can be very discomforting.When outdoors, it is a must to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun by putting on an extra layer of protection. As long as you are outdoors, regardless of the conditions, over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can and will give you a bad sunburn. In addition, it is good to know that even on cold and cloudy days, we are still vulnerable to sunburn, UV rays are capable of penetrating the clouds and the cold.

Wearing clothing that shields our skin from direct contact to the sun can help prevent the need for sunburn treatment. It may be effective but there are times when clothes can get in the way of our activities, instead, regular application of sun block can also give you that needed extra layer of protection. Whenever you purchase sun block, you will notice an SPF or sun protection factor number clearly indicated in the packaging, this number tells you how long that specific sun block can protect you from UV rays.

Just like any part of the body, when it is exposed to harmful UV rays for too long, it gets burned. Since UV rays intensity depends on time of day and current conditions, it can be quite complicated to keep track of the actual numbers.

So if you have stayed out under the sun too long and start feeling rawness or sensitivity on your lips you are experiencing lip sunburn.If a sun block product has an SPF of 30, it simply means that it can protect you for 30 minutes. Although it isn’t accurate, this serves as a safe gauge for us to have an idea of how long we are protected.

Keep in mind that sun block is not a onetime application, especially for whole day activities. Only regular application will allow full protection. There will be no need for sunburn treatment if you are ready with sun block. It is true that sun block is the ultimate sunburn treatment.

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