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  1. lyfeafta30 says:

    hey sing it . you will be ok

  2. theallnaturalme says:

    I loved how serious and somber this video was. You are a great speaker. Being honest with yourself is definitely the first and most important step in getting back on track.


  3. msixpackabs says:

    Julie, you know me…how’s school?…

  4. msixpackabs says:

    I know Nana, and to be honest your Daniel is back on it. I just need people to have expectations. It is all I need. If they call me great…what’s to fight for?
    <3…and loved the last 2 vids…I wish the others saw them…there is no such thing as WLC and WLSC…we’re all WLC

  5. msixpackabs says:

    Thank you so much.
    Have a great FITNESS week!

  6. msixpackabssinging says:

    Thank you….just thank you!

  7. unity4seif says:

    Losing weights is so hard, when I give all I have and don’t see the result,I get bored and give up. I think the key is our MIND must be stable and our actions must be CONSISTENT no matter how long does it take. We carry these heavy weights for so many years so it takes time to get rid of them too. I also agree with you that true friend must dare to tell us what we did wrong and help us improve and continue on the right path. Thanks for your vid, your perspective brings diversity to this channel.

  8. msixpackabssinging says:

    Amber I had no idea you are such a great wll-er. You inspired me to come out as an honest person admitting I have a problem. People do not want us to be perfect. They just want to see us fighting against it.
    Amber I love and respect the person I met here under WLL. Just wish I wasn’t an asshole to you before. You are definitely great!

  9. msixpackabssinging says:

    Now this is a great compliment!

  10. msixpackabssinging says:

    Thank you so much for watching it!

  11. msixpackabssinging says:

    You are so right…thank you my gorgeous friend.
    I think wll’s viewers do not need perfect models to come here and make it sound so easy to lose weight. They need regular people who struggle with it, who put a lot of effort into make it happen.
    Yes you are right…perfect people do not help…they just make you look like shit.
    <<<<<<<333333 you

  12. I understand!! 🙂

    Anytime you are frustrated/unmotivated or need someone to talk to feel free to send me a message on here.

    Keep up the good work! Chin up plow on!!

  13. msixpackabssinging says:

    I promise you I won’t fail.
    You’re my person…don’t know if you understand what I mean but I definitely wish I was allowed to give you a darn shout here under WLL. I really think men in the WLC should know about you.

  14. msixpackabssinging says:

    I couldn’t agree more.
    Thank you beautiful successful Bonnie.
    …you sexy…

  15. julinside says:

    You are great. I love your videos.
    This one is favorited:))
    “It is really not that bad”, hehehehe. that was really cute. Got tired and bored–definitely something I am familiar with.
    Let’s not despair!

  16. nanananabhappy says:

    I always like your videos. What you have to say is always important to me. I know its hard to keep going sometimes. We try to do the right thing. but it is hard to try everyday. ou will find the strenght

  17. maliayang says:

    honest and to the point…great video daniel!

  18. junkinthetrunkk says:

    I loved this video Daniel.
    It was one of the most honest video that I have seen from you. Great points.
    <3 Amber

  19. mollybcutie2000 says:

    You have a good singing voice.

  20. oddandperky says:

    I like your perspective, you are very interesting. Can’t wait for your next video.

  21. rockybarragan says:

    daniel you are definitely in a position to give advice. it won’t benefit someone just starting out to see nothing but rainbow and puppy videos. they need the real deal. because they are going to hit those hard times and think it is just them. think they are failing. that everyone else can lose weight but not them. so not true. we all hit those patches. the key is to just keep going. never stop trying to succeed. keep going!

  22. Another great video Daniel.

  23. Bonnie90505 says:

    losing weight is just one of the many healthy benefits of living a long life, your love for food in a healthy way will be the best ways, I know you are a smart man and can do this for you.
    you are a good example of someone who needs to find a way to get out of boredom and found that weight loss is hard, but oh so worth it.

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