Sugaring Hair Removal

There could be a better way to remove unwanted hair. Shaving is so time consuming and can be irritating to the skin. There is no fun with waxing as this is painful. An expensive way, with some possibilities of complications would refer to Sugaring Hair Removal. You can naturally, painlessly, and cheaply remove your unwanted hair, and this is the best option you can have. Sugaring then comes in.

Removing the unwanted hair painlessly and naturally in your body is with sugaring. Back as in ancient Egypt and Cleopatra over thousands of years already, sugaring has been used as a homemade recipe. This has never been considered a retail product and this is because of all the different sugaring recipes that work differently with many different skin types. It is only at home where people have been using sugaring.

Here below is a simple commonly used recipe for a sugaring paste:

Have a 1 unit of sugar You should have a 1/8 unit of vinegar, or lemon/lime/orange juice and this could either be fresh or from a bottle, not from concentrate. Prepare for a 1/8 unit of water After, the ingredients need to be heated and mixed until they are completely liquid, next, this the liquid will change from seemingly white to a light gold-like color and this is while being heated. You have to make sure that this does not go dark. When its dine, you have to make sure that the liquid needs to cool to room temperature.

Below from Sugar Me Smooth, you can easily buy for a pre-made sugaring paste.

In applying for the sugaring, here are the 3 steps you need to follow :

The paste is best to be used at slightly above room temperature. Heating in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds will best help in the application. Against your unwanted hair growth, you have to apply the sugaring paste using a flicker or a stiff applicator and a sugaring ball. Then, you must flick the paste away from your body towards your hair growth which is opposite with waxing. With the same sugaring paste, you can do the process over and over again until it loses its stickiness.

A number of other benefits are provided in with the Sugaring hair removal, that the other hair removal methods don’t have. Exfoliating and removing the dead cells from your skin are also provided with sugaring. Unlike how you feel after shaving, this certainly gives you a fresher and better skin. The hair follicles will be removed, hence, it will be harder for your hair to grow back. And true, in slowly over time, your hair will take longer and longer to grow and eventually you will find yourself only sugaring a few times a year.

The Sugaring benefits:

Naturally, 100% assured! You need No Strips Assured that it is Water Soluble This is Gentle on Skin This requires No Heating unless wanted Permanency can be possible This is cheaper There is less pain felt With all of these benefits, it almost goes without saying that sugaring is the best hair removal method available in the market.

Unwanted hair from your body and face can be removed best using the sugaring hair removal method. Shaving, waxing, and lasers way of removing hair don’t compare after you have sugared.

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