Stress Management for Students: Handling High School Havoc

Students, particularly high school students, deal with an amount of stress that most adults do not understand or have forgotten. Pressure is placed on students from their teachers, their parents and their peers all while they are developing and undergoing physical and emotional changes. Stress management for students is essential for maintaining a level of emotional and mental health. Stress management for students includes handling schoolwork challenges, keeping up with extracurricular groups and events as well as dealing with the everyday drama of being a teenager.

Handling homework stress is a key element of maintaining stress management for students. Homework assignments typically follow them from each class, leaving them with a load to carry home each night. This can be overwhelming for students and leave them feeling burnt out. The key to managing this level of student stress is organization and planning. Make sure that your student has a planner of some form. Many schools pass out agendas in which students can write their homework assignments. Knowing what is due when is important in keeping this stressor down. Students also need to be encouraged to tackle homework assignments one at a time until all of the work is done.

It is easy to get enrolled into a stress management program – however, it is very hard to identify which would really make a difference in your life. This is where extracurricular activities come into play. Such activities include joining a choir, participating in a sport, volunteer work, playing in the band, etc. These activities tend to consume hours of a students time each week.

Extracurricular stress management for students involves being selective. Students need to participate in those activities that they enjoy doing. If a student is involved in too many activities in addition to a heavy school load, the twenty-four hour day will not be long enough to accomplish those tasks that the student must accomplish.

Meditation might be a little difficult in the beginning – but it is a habit worth cultivating.Teenagers may seem to be the most overdramatic group of people alive today. This stems from the emphasis that teens place on the events that occur within their social circles. A break-up or the loss of a best friend can feel like the end of the world to a high school student. For parents, it is best to be understanding of this stress. Social stress management for students is as important as the top two, and likely more important to the student.

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