Strength and Power

Much of modern training presupposes that it most unlikely for you to get extremely strong and dangerous for you to do so. A big deal of money is being profited I think, on people’s fears. Fear that if you lift anything even remotely heavy you can harm yourself. That any heavy training will finally damage you beyond repair. That 25lb dumbbells are in reality sizeable weights. What a ton of hog wash! And what irresponsibility and downright criminal failure on the part of folks selling these lies. Even martial artists think if you lift heavy you’ll become muscle bound, not know how to hit harder.

Our life for the main part has become very easy. Most people’s top necessary physical effort for living is getting up off the sofa to go to the refrigerator. So 99% of those people that do train, do so only because it makes them physically more engaging and mixed inside those group are some health interested people. They are all missing a major part of the equation and a major point of training. Life is better with strength. It’s possible to get enormously healthy and build endurance, but you will not have the downright ferocious vitality that you might have without strength.

The building of strength, and I’m not talking about being able to lift something terribly light many times, is natural and necessary to human health and energy. It is both healthy for you and nearly inescapable consequence of correct training. The one reason folks have decried it so is usually because they have not felt what it feels like to have it. And they found a way to profit off the media based fears of others.

Correctly done training is both safe and will add to your life. Ultimate vigorousness is attained thru the building of health with super strength and endurance, not without it. You can say that you’re healthy because you are thin or you perhaps look like the common popular, yet rather effeminate stereotype of what’s “in shape.” Perhaps you may even ride an exercise bike for at least 15 minutes without coughing up a lung and lift the really heavy pink dumbbells, the ones nobody else tries the 30’s! You are fooling yourself, because true macho verve is not achieved without important strength.

It adds a depth to your physical reserve and your mental power that can only be accomplished thru hard training. Why is it you suspect that the Eastern disciplines whose primary focus was religious betterment thru meditation spent a lot of time on hard physical training? Because they accepted they are inseparable. To have one without the second one is to be incomplete. To never be in a position to explore the entiriety of your own mind and spirit as well as to live with real strength.

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