Stop Smoking East Bay Returns Control Of One’s Life

Stop smoking East Bay is possible with a strong desire and inner strength to gain control of one’s life by eliminating tobacco products. Stopping this addiction improves the addicted person’s overall health as well as others living in the home.

Once nicotine enters the bloodstream, it causes the vessels to constrict and reduces blood flow. This can lead to heart and circulatory problems such as abnormal pulse, elevated blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Smoke also deadens nerves in the lungs and throughout the body. This decreases the effectiveness of the immune system making it more difficult to fight off infection and disease. Other medical conditions caused are ulcers, diabetes, and cancer. The addicted person’s gums also shrink over time, and teeth stain and are more prone to tooth decay and loss.

The first step in the process is to evaluate how often lighting up occurs and how many packs are gone through in one day. The solution is to lengthen the time between lighting another one. Waiting thirty minutes instead of fifteen minutes between cancer sticks can be done the first week. For the second week, another thirty minutes can be added on so there is one hour between dragging a new one. The next week adds on another thirty minutes and so on until the habit is kicked.

Those who wake up at night to smoke also need to alter their nightly routine. The last smoke of the day should occur sixty minutes before turning in the for night, and the habit should not start again until waking up the next morning. For those unable to accomplish such drastic measures, they can slowly decrease the amount smoked at night even by half at first and then altogether the following week. More oxygen will occur in the body by doing this which results in more restful sleep.

To ease the symptoms of this habit, doctors can write prescriptions for medication or nicotine patches. Other aids include inhalers and over the counter chewing gum and lozenges. Electronic cigarettes use a nicotine vapor which is much less harmful than the actual substance and helps the weaning process. Regular attendance at smoking cessation groups and even hypnosis have helped many to stop the habit.

Stop smoking East Bay promotes good mental health as well as physical well being. Money once spent on this addiction is used more effectively, and the living area at home is protected from harmful airborne substances caused by smoke and nicotine. Once conquered, the person again has a say with what goes on in their life. Read more about: stop smoking East Bay

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