Stomach Flattening Workouts

The exercises below are focused at noobs but once you have mastered these be happy to advance to a more challenging 6 pack abs workout. When doing any of these it is important to move slowly so as to keep control and not permit momentum to take over.

Vertical Leg Crunch

To begin this stomach exercise, first lie on your back on a level surface, such as the floor. Utilise a mat or towel to cushion your backbone. Lock the hands behind your head, with elbows out far enough that they’re out of sight. Now lift your legs straight up into the air, crossing your ankles and bending your knees a little. Contract your abdominals and lift your shoulders, head and upper back up to about a thirty degree angle. Be conscious of not lifting with your hands or leading with your head.

Long Arm Crunch

This one requires that you stay on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Lie back and extend your arms straight back on the floor like you are reaching above your head. Contract your abs and slowly lift your arms, head and shoulders off the floor to about a thirty degree angle. Hold it, then slowly lower your shoulders back to the floor. Repeat for a whole set. Use caution not to lead with your arms, keeping them straight and alongside your head.

The Hip Lift

Employ an exercise mat to cushion your spine. Put your arms by your sides with palms facing up to the ceiling. Raise your legs so that the soles of your feet are facing the ceiling and your legs make about a ninety degree angle with your torso. Keep your knees unbent and as straight as possible.

Now, contract your abs in order that it feels like your belly button is being pulled toward your spine, while at the same time gradually lifting your hips off the floor. Raise your hips to height of one or two inches, keeping your legs extended straight upward. Hold this position, then slowly lower your hips back to the floor. Repeat for a complete set.

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