Steve’s Weight Loss Seminar

Weight Loss Seminar by Steve Turano

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  1. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you very much!

  2. Passed the site to everyone I know who needs help or that extra boost in motivation. Just down right awesome…

  3. Again.Great work.Well said

  4. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you! Please tell your friends!

  5. x4EverAfterx says:

    Excellent work Steve, as always!

  6. frankydelgado says:

    Ive sent this to ten of my family and friends,, Thanks for clearing up all the myths and rumors about the body and how to love it!! Dallas,Tx here ,,,,,keep em coming

  7. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Eloquent! THANK YOU! Please tell a friend. ~Steve

  8. elKuarlos says:

    Good stuff, I ve not seen a one of your vids without 5 stars, well played, eloquent and up front.

  9. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you! Please share it with friends who need help!

  10. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you! Please share it with friends who need help!

  11. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you! Please share it with friends who need help!

  12. AvaTreexxv says:

    great video

  13. KennytheIraqi says:

    This man is amazing.

  14. colonelskillz says:


  15. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you. My pleasure. Happy to do it!

  16. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you very much!

  17. i had sent your website already to many people. but sending this too now… humerous and very well explaint.

  18. u r one inspiring guy steve!!! thanks a million…

  19. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you!!!

  20. Steve,

    I watch your videos often and have read alot as well. Your information is dead on accurate…it is funny actually at how plain and simple weight loss is. It is just a matter of doing it. Keep up the good work. I will certainly recommend you to others.

  21. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    I realize their are people who are emotional eaters but giving them the SIMPLE science of how they can control their weight is a big help. After that it’s their responsibility to take control of their lives and emotions. I just offer the truth to help them achieve happiness.

  22. megaliprotopsalti says:

    Steve, I know amazingly a lot of people that know every word you say, including myself. But this knowledge is not the answer. Dieting you say is a science, but actually it is not : You forget the phsycological factor. The brain plays games with you and most overweight people are emotional eaters. Saying ” that is no excuse” is also not the answer. I appreciate your effort though, so thanks

  23. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    They gain their weight back because they go to EXTREME measures to lose it and keep it off. There’s a difference between saying you’re doing the right things and DOING the right things. I’m glad you enjoy my videos!

  24. lathivierge says:


    I love your videos and the positive approach you have to health. Please encourage Heath At Every Size (HAES) and being strong and healthy – and not basing health on a “weight”. Some have been dieting a lifetime and have regained it all back – even by exercising regularly and “dieting”. 98% of people who “diet” gain it back and more in 3 years. Weight loss isn’t as easy as calories in / calories out. Eating disorders anyone?

    Keep on encouraging everyone to be healthy and strong!

  25. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    That is great. Nice job! Keep up the good work! ~Steve

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