Steps To Program Your Subconscious Mind

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started. – Quote by, Marcus GarveyImage all the things you want and dream about everyday. You can actually program your subconscious mind for the happiness, health, creativity, and riches that you deserve just by focusing on what it is you desire to happen.What do you think about every day? Do you limit your thoughts with self-defeating beliefs and negative attitudes? Instead, entertain thoughts that are worthy of your natural birthright. Feed your mind continuous thoughts of wellness, enjoyment, prosperity, and accomplishment.

[Program Your Subconscious Mind]

Entrainment will alter your state of consciousness while you tell your subconscious mind what you want.Your manifestations will materialize much faster this way.How To Program Your Subconscious Mind.Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.Sit with your back as straight as you comfortably can so you won’t fall asleep.Put on your brainwave entrainment recording, and headphones, and shut your eyes.Breathe, relax your mind and focus on the sounds of the pulses.Random thoughts will appear.

I am thankful for what I now have. Gratitude brings its own reward.I give cheerfully to others, not that I may receive; instead, know that giving is in direct proportion to building positive rewards for future success. My enthusiasm is at a high level. Enthusiasm increases your self-confidence and self-reliance. Relying on others for your happiness diminishes your own self-worth.I am willing to seek knowledge or help when I don’t know the answer. Create a mental picture of what it is you wish to achieve and get the help you need to accomplish it.My confidence to achieve is a definite purpose that keeps me growing. Having a definite purpose in life gives you something to strive toward.I am rich according to what I am and not by what I have. Be thankful for what you have now and what is to come in the future.

Imagine that what you want, has already materialized.It’s here right now.See your desire in the present and experience how it feels.If you want to add affirmations or suggestions, do it now.This is also the place where you can induce new thoughts or beliefs.Keep using all of your senses.See your desire. Put yourself into a movie experiencing your desire.Enjoy your desire until the recording ends…and then detach and live your life as normal so that the universal mind can manifest your desire.The key to manifestation is in using the right brainwave frequency, in relaxing, visualizing, and affirming what you really want.

Brainwave entrainment is an easy-to-use tool that get you into the right brainwave frequency so can manifest your desires more quickly.The laws of attraction are initiated by your thoughts. Not all your thoughts are from your conscious mind. In fact most of the thought energy you send out into the Universe emanate from your subconscious mind without you even being aware of it happening. If you want to achieve your desires in life, it must be programmed for success. Your subconscious mind has been likened to a homing torpedo. Once it is launched, it follows the direction given to it irrespective of whether it is aiming for the correct target. Nor can it differentiate between reality and what you have vividly imagined. To ensure that your “homing torpedo” hits the right target, you have to make sure that it is programmed correctly by following these four steps:

Manage your time. There are twenty-four hours in the day for everyone. The wealthy and the poor all have the same amount of time–the difference is in how they use their time. On the first day of each month plan, what you wish to accomplish. At the beginning of each week, make lists that support your plan along with all the necessary tasks that keep life going. Daily make lists of tasks you will accomplish that support all of the above. Keep your to-do list with you and check off all of your accomplished tasks. Your subconscious mind needs to see all the tiny accomplishments it takes for continued growth–not all those little checkmarks on your to-do list will go unnoticed.

EMDR Another method recommended is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. This method has an 84-100% success rate, is non-invasive and was first discovered by Francine Shapiro in 1987. The process involves thinking about a traumatic memory while receiving bi-lateral stimulation. The sessions involve flicking your eyes back and forth or listening to a bi-lateral audio or holding onto bilateral tactile sensors while thinking about a traumatic memory. Theses sessions last around 90 minutes and the typical client requires 2 sessions to cause the traumatic memory to lose its emotional intensity. Bilateral exercises cause the left and right hemisphere to work simultaneously which allows the memory to be reprocessed in a much more beneficial way.

The American Psychiatric Association Practice Guideline (2004) has stated that EMDR is recommended as one of their first-line treatments of trauma.Psych-K. Founded by Rob Williams in 1989, Psych-K is the merging of psychology and kinesiology. The treatment involves muscle testing to test a clients subconscious belief about something. Then, a couple of bilateral exercises are done while the client affirms the new belief that is to be programmed into their subconscious mind. After the Psych-K exercise, the client is muscle tested again to evaluate if the new belief has been programmed into the subconscious.

Be the person you admire Make a list of the attributes you most admire in others and incorporate these into your own life–one by one. Once you begin to admire yourself, your subconscious mind will have a higher opinion of you as well.Maintain a lighthearted/happy spirit. Never allow the pressures of the day to bring you down. Make it a point to be light hearted and happy as much as humanly possible. Dwelling on the negatives of life badly affects your subconscious mind. Keeping a positive spirit will keep your subconscious mind well programmed and open to wonderful possibilities.

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