Stem Cell Research: Know Each Side Of The Story

Do you know how we can cure ourselves with the use of our cells? A recent research of cell intervention in which new cells is met up with damage cells so treatments of injured cells are reborn and cured is called stem cell. This recent study has opened factual results in curing diseases and sickness. Since this is a recent study, stem cell is still undergoing and is continually changing based on the current development today.

Stem cell has helped a lot of people suffering from cancer, bone marrow or even leukemia. Although this study was around 30 years ago, the practice of this treatment was never acceptable for some due to after effects of the treatment. Reportedly, healthy cells may cause side effects during or even after treatment.

The main technique used in stem cell is regenerating cells; some people call this cell culture. Cultured cell has the same theory of creating new species with the use of their breeds. For cultured cell, cells are generally dissected from umbilical cords or bone marrow of a human being. With this technique, some people disagree with the process used in this research and the thought of recreating new cells by taking them from a person’s umbilical cord is against religious beliefs.

This research provided answers and cure for major diseases like birth defects, spinal cord defects, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. This research made possibilities for cancer patients and people who suffer cell damage in extending their lives. Stem cell has not ended the cure for major complications and diseases but it has pro long many lives with the mediation of new cells with a damage human cell.

There have been major debates with this treatment for quite a while. The process of stem cell concludes creating a new life by growing new cells in a person; with this thought, people had been against this type of treatment. Major religious sectors did not approve this study because this started the research of cloning animals without getting 2 parties producing it. One more disappointing thought is the feeling of partially living with mutant cells with a human’s soul and having to damage one’s embryos to get new cells cultured.

In conclusion, stem cell may be an advantage for people who seek to enjoy life. This however does not mean that those who are against stem cell research do not want their life extended, but to let others realize how important life can be when it’s pure. Stem cell does extend and may cure a person’s disease, but due to its cost, it may just be a dream for others to have their life extended. And so fate will always decide in the end.

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