Starting Your Own Medical Clinic

Graduated medical school, completed residency and passed the medical board exam, what’s next? No doubt, it is every physicians dream to have their own private practice. When a strategic location for a medical clinic is established, the next step would be furnishing it with the most modern medical technologies.

A well-equipped office will ensure that your clinic runs smoothly, organized and professionally at all times.

In our town where I grew up, a friend of our family started his own medical practice several years back when I was still young. He was a bachelor and I remember how all the single women in town were all gaga over him! Labeled as THE most eligible bachelor in town, he had eyes like the sky and hair like Sandy from the movie “Grease”. Our guest room in the house was reserved for Dr. G. He regularly visited the house to stay away from the distractions and to be able to rest because he works a lot and parties a lot too. Besides, my mom prepares the best home cooked meal ever. As he dozed off in bed, I would play with his stethoscope, the one that he carried in his bag. I asked permission of course. I would try to hear the heartbeat of my doll by placing the stethoscope on its chest and even tried it on my cat. I was so amazed by it and for a moment there, I felt like a doctor. Way before then, it was no interest of mine to know who invented the stethoscope. But later, I did found out and it was Dr. Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec, in 1816. Way before the existence of the stethoscope, those who practiced medicine would simply use their ears literally on the surface of the patient’s chest or back in order to listen the beating of the heart and the air flowing through the lungs. The old generation of doctors used to visit their patients at home, and he did that too. He frequented the house not only for work-related purposes but also for leisure. Sometimes the cure was a simple ‘hot toddy,’ even when we were kids. The hot beverage had brandy and I presume he also placed on the top a little amount of vapor rub liniment (never try this at home). The flavor was appalling but nevertheless it cured us, the next day we were up and running. I am still clueless up to now of how the drink cured us, was it the brandy, the vapor rub, the herb tea, or the effects of its blend. I sensed too that he had a gift for healing people. He was selfless and had a big heart and that made well for his patients.

It is much different today. You can only see the doctors in their clinics. However, they do still carry medical bags for emergencies. Continuous technology advancement and scientific learning have made it possible for practicing doctors to attend to their patient’s needs and provide them with the best medication there is. The essential facilities required for a doctor’s clinic is the same in nursing homes, hospitals and mobile medical units. You can also have an extension of it in your home, a plus on your first aid emergency kit.

Surely, as you stand in your empty examination room, you’ll find yourself very excited to have all the up-to-date equipments and materials to complete your clinic for example stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, instrument trays, exam lamps, and the well-known doctor’s stool on wheels.

Complete your doctor’s clinic with a durable medical supply. At Safe Home Products you can choose any types of medical equipments and supplies from stethoscope to scales.

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