Starting Your Own Medical Clinic

What comes after finishing medicine, completing residency, passing the medical board exam and having your doctor’s license? To be able to practice medicine in your own clinic is a physician’s lifelong ambition.After finding the right location and perfect place to open an office, the next step is to make sure it is equipped with the latest technological ‘tools of the trade.

If your clinic has complete modern facilities, it can help you obtain systematic results for you to make an informed advice for your patients.

Our family friend had been practicing medicine in our little town with his clinic put up way before when I was at a very young age.He was a bachelor and I remember how all the single women in town were all gaga over him! He was tagged as THE crush of the town because he was so handsome with his curly, messy blond hair and blue eyes. Dr. G was a constant boarder in the guest room of our house. He stays there whenever he wanted to be by himself, and get the needed rest from work and social gatherings. Nearly forgot to mention, he was an aficionado of my mother’s home cooked meals. With his consent, while he was in deep slumber, I played with his stethoscope. He always brought it in his bag. For a while, I was the ‘doctor’ in the house. I performed check-ups on my doll and even my cat. I was so overwhelmed by that thing.Little did I know at that time, I was using a device that was invented in 1816 by Dr. Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec. In the olden days, when the stethoscope didn’t exist yet, medicine men and women just positioned their ears on the chest of their patients to hear their heartbeats or on the back to hear the sound of their breathing. The old generation of doctors used to visit their patients at home, and he did that too. He frequented the house not only for work-related purposes but also for leisure. When we were young, there were times that the only cure was just a simple ‘hot toddy’. The drink made of tea usually included alcohol and was served hot. I suppose he also smeared a bit of vapor rub salve on the top (this is not to be imitated at home). Even though it tasted very bad, it did well for our bodies, we slept soundly and the next day, when we woke up feeling great.I don’t know if it was the brandy, vapor rub, the herb tea, or the combination of the three that worked so well. Also, I believe that his kindness and compassion was a great factor in the healing process.

It is never the same nowadays. Doctors do not visit patients in the houses any longer. Nevertheless, they still bring with them their medical bags in case of emergency. The ongoing quest for knowledge and scientific advancements have aided doctors in their practice and help patients receive possibly the best medical treatment ever. The basic apparatus you see in nursing homes, hospitals and mobile units is similar with what doctors use. It can even be an addition to your emergency kit you have at home.

For sure, if you are standing inside one of your examination rooms, you can’t help but imagine all the latest medical equipments and supplies you need such as stethoscopes, blood pressure gauges, instrument trays, lighting equipments and that common stool chair on rollers.

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