Starting My Job At A New Company The Right Way

It’s been another one of those kinds of fun days. I was strolling along, or perhaps what some may consider skipping, when I unfortunately snagged one of my heels on a drain pipe. I didn’t really fall completely to the ground because there was a huge trash bin there that I caught myself on. For these kinds of happenings, I was glad I had some Payless Shoes coupons saved in my handbag. With broken shoes in hand, I went into the store. A sales associate was right there helping me out. At least one thing was going right now.

I was beginning a new job and it just seemed like everything was going totally wrong for me. While I was putting on my makeup this morning, my eyeliner just totally broke in two. It must have already been fragile or cracked or something because I don’t put my makeup on with brute force.

After that, as I was running to get the trash out to the curb, the bag broke totally apart. Of course, trash was everywhere. After I got the trash picked up I had to mop the floor because of all the goop from the trash. And next was the whole broken shoe thing.

I was trying very hard to focus on the good things by this point. Things were a lot less stressful if I just focused on laughing at my life. Sometimes I think of myself as the star of my very own sitcom. I mean, my day today and many other times would definitely make a good comedy skit.

This has to be a better time for this to happen as compared to some other time, I guess. Imagine how much worse it might have been if this had been my first day at my work. It could have been pretty embarrassing, plus I might have had to take off from work to get some shoes. That’s not the best kind of first impression I want to leave on my coworkers.

My wallet and mood improved when I was able to afford two pairs of shoes. I bought a pair of navy blue flats and also a pair of comfortable walking sneakers. I realized that the next time I decide to skip, I should be wearing more sensible footwear. Life around me is never dull, that’s for sure.

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