Starting Conversations with Girls

Dating is supposed to be a natural thing. A man and a woman must have that same agenda once they meet and romance should naturally come. However, there are various factors that prevent girls and guys from doing what nature intended for them to do. The first thing is that the man can’t seem to start a conversation with a girl he has his eye on. The woman may not know a person is taking a look at her because he never approaches. There are also other issues like distance, the group of people around the woman and other variables.

That’s why when you end up in a situation where you can talk to a woman face to face, you should not waste it. You can seduce any girl if you know how to open a conversation. But we have to admit that it’s tricky if you do not know where to begin.

Listed below are a number of recommendations on how to begin a conversation with a girl.


Lines that you commit to memory and say to ladies are called openers. An effective opener demands a response, and can make a girl react . Some overused lines like “nice shoes” are still used as openers nowadays. Rehashed openers are not good. You must use your own.

One good example is when you see a woman you want to talk to outside in the course of the day. You’d usually ask for the time, but any line that refers to time has been overused as an opener in the past. Plus, a woman may simply provide you with the time, or point to your wristwatch, and that is it. A better way is to get her to point the department store to you. You can tell her that you want to offer your grandmother a present, or another female relative. You should make this clear so that she won’t think you’re shopping for your girlfriend. You can exchange numbers to have coffee later on. With any luck, you can progress up to the point where she will be willing to accompany you and you’ll talk on the way.

Crowd Conversation

If the woman is within a group, you might never catch her alone. Customarily, that girl will be in the company of other folks.

You may have seen some guys who smoothly join any group and begin a conversation right there and then. They’re not doing this just for kicks. Instead of working on getting the attention of one woman, you get the attention of all the women in the group. Moreover, you can get a feel of the woman’s personality by observing the group dynamics. You can use the group’s theme to open a conversation if you get the chance to be alone with the woman. Later on, you can begin the conversation with her on a similar topic and branch out from there.

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