Starting A Career In The FMCG Area

Working in the fast moving consumer goods industry is bound to be fast paced as well as very challenging and rewarding. The industry tends to be quick moving and people can expect to move up the career ladder fairly fast.

This article examines what you might expect to experience at each stage in your career.

As an entry level employee you may expect to work in two different roles before moving onto the next stage, roles such as sales rep, assistant brand manager, manufacturing manager and HR advisor are likely to be open to you.

After a couple of years you may expect to reach manager level, here you will probably work in a couple of different roles before moving on. You will need to build up experience within managing people as well as your knowledge on the industry.

When you are at middle management level you will want to gain a lot of experience within different roles and you should hopefully come across roles that will give you important international experience. Roles open to you at this level typically include IT managers, senior category managers and business integration managers.

The next stage in your career will be director level. In order to achieve this stage you will need an impressive regional track record as well as good people management skills, you will certainly have lots of international experience too. Typical roles at this level are global brand marketing manager, finance controller, plant managers and product directors.

The next level to reach is director level. You will need to possess as impressive track record within your region before you reach director level. Good people management skills are essential as is a range of international experience. Typical roles at this point include global brand marketing manager, plant manager, product directors and financial controllers.

The final stage in your career should be senior executive level, at this level you might expect roles such as senior vice president, global sales, regional director and other vice president roles.

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