Stamina InStride Cycle XL Small Stationary Bike Review

I finally made it happen! After several weeks of stalling, I did something I have desired to do ever since I made my New Year’s Resolution. I have always thought the finest gift I possibly could give myself was to make certain I kept fit and healthy, and so I got myself an extremely handy mini exercise bike to workout with whenever and where ever I am able to. The Stamina InStride Cycle XL Bike is an extremely popular small stationary bike and I’m a proud to own one.

Why I got a Stamina InStride Cycle XL Exercise Bike

Because of so many options available, what helped me choose this specific model? Its size is just so convenient. Measuring slightly over one foot on every side, you are able to store it and use it anytime, anywhere. Although it is seat-less, it gives an amazing workout for that lower and upper body. The non-slip pedals can be used for your hands or feet, based on your preferred regions of improvement. Its adjustable controls along with a timer help to improve and keep an eye on your exercise routine progress. By doing this, there is no more speculating how lengthy you have been working out for. Plus, it is one little workhorse because, despite its size, this stationary bike will still produce a complete selection of torso workouts. How awesome is that!

The advantages of having the InStride Cycle XL Stamina Exercise Bike

Let’s face it; there are days when you can’t go to the gym. Sometimes the work schedule is just too heavy or sometimes it’s the weather (I live in New England, so we get a lot of snow). For the times that I can’t go, I don’t have to feel guilty anymore because I can rely on my mini exercise bike to give me the workout I need. Not only is it portable, but It does the work of several gym equipment at once, minus the cost.

Positive Customer Reviews

Great versatility

Amazing value to have an affordable cost

Very pleased with the product

Highly recommended

A few negative comments

Some InStride Cycle XL Stamina Mini exercise bike users claim that some are too noisy to use, but it depends on the individual’s tolerance. Yes, it makes a little noise, but only if used improperly.

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