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Do you like driving fast? If you are into speed for fun, sport or recreation, perhaps you should have a go at amateur sports car racing. You can charter racing cars by the hour or by the number of laps at most racing tracks. Sports car racing is a sport that is increasing in popularity. Sports car racing has always been a well-liked spectator sport, but not people can take part in it as well.

If you have never raced a sports car before, there are some points that you ought to know about it first, so here are a few guidelines to help you get the most out of your racing event:

At the starting line, a learner should not put the accelerator pedal to the floor, because these cars are tremendously powerful and you can easily lose control of the vehicle if you are unaccustomed to it.

More experienced drivers should use full acceleration without exceeding the maximum engine revolutions per minute, because that could damage the engine; ease off the clutch gradually until it is fully engaged.

You should be close to maximum driving speed on the long straights, but always be very heedful of your steering because it is easy to lose control at high speed where the slightest twitch of the steering wheel has a lot of effect on the course of the car. Beginners should always endeavor to keep both hands on the steering wheel at the ten and two o? clock positions.

In some cars, steering can also be achieved through acceleration and deceleration, although this has basically been compensated for by the application of differential locks. If the engineers allow this form of steering, speeding up pulls the car to the outside edge of track and deceleration draws it to the inside. Learning how to control this feature minimizes the necessity to use the steering wheel.

There are two ways of taking turns: slowly and sharply. A gradual curve makes use of the outside of the track and is the easier of the two techniques. Learners ought to start with this technique. Tight or sharp bends makes use of the inside of the track and are difficult manoeuvres making collective use of the accelerator, the steering wheel and the brake.

Ease off the throttle as you approach the turn until you are travelling at a speed that you can cope with and then accelerate out of the curve from about halfway through it.

You should always analyse your race after the event and make notes on your performance. Endeavor to have your race filmed if possible so that you can study the lines that you took. Pay close attention to how you took the turns and your lines through them. Did you accelerate smoothly or did you accelerate in bursts?

It is better to concentrate on improving your own modus operandi than to keep trying to beat others. If you concentrate on your own performance, you will improve it more quickly than if you just concentrate on beating your challengers. Keep in mind that when you are travelling at great speeds, small adjustments can make big differences, this also applies to minor changes in your method.

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