Spiritual Life Coaching – Characteristics of a Kundalini Awakening

A Kundalini arousal brings with it the challenge to transcend the primal drives, instincts, and fears of the egoic mind so that a new stage may be set for the coming unity consciousness of the Next Human. The process of transcendence takes time, however, and may require as the duration of five to ten years after a full-fledged awakening for its entire effect to take root.

Usually, the initial Kundalini activation lasts about six months. But this is only the first wave. Before the second wave hits, the initiate may become deeply involved in a project, a venture, or a business that is altruistic and beneficial for all of humanity. This is quite common because during the first wave, the Kundalini will always clear the heart chakra, allowing for a flow of pranic energy to be channeled directly into areas and fields of enterprise that are in desperate need of service, healing, or compassionate attention.

Feelings of confusion, distortion, anxiety, guilt, and panic will alternate with intense feelings of joy, love, bliss, compassion, and euphoria. Initiates may find themselves contorting into odd physical postures will resemble yoga positions and hand mudra gestures. It is also common for initiates to experience involuntary and sporadic jerking movements, cramps, contractions, and tingling sensations.

When the third eye chakra is activated by the pranic energy sent forth from the Kundalini rising, the initiate may experience visions of lights, people, symbols, alien entities, or reviews of personal past lives. Audible instruction regarding current problems or challenges is common, including channeling or automatic writing for long periods of time.

No doubt, spiritual teacher and author, Neale Donald Walsch experienced a kundalini arousal at the time he began channeling his “Conversations With God” series of books. Spiritual teacher and author, Eckhart Tolle, has described a “spiritual awakening” that occurred spontaneously when he was twenty-nine that permanently and profoundly transformed his life. Lasting for about six months, Eckhart said that it intensified all of his senses and perceptions and allowed him to see the world from an entirely new perspective.

Inner sounds, chants, mantras, and music is common among the initiates of a Kundalini awakening. All of the senses will be ramped up. Olfactory, tactile, sight, taste, and sound perceptions will all be amplified. Every form of life will become more vivid and alive. Many have even reported seeing their own mirrored reflections temporarily morphing into a more beautiful or angelic appearance. Initiates may also lose a sense of self as a body, or feel that one is much bigger than the body, or out of the body, with the resulting confusion and disorientation.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a Spiritual Life Coach and the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company dedicated to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the masses. His Spiritual Life Coaching practice uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with self transcendence, holistic health, life path astro-analysis, shadow & pain-body work, heart-based intention, the power of presence, and the law of attraction.

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