Sound Wave Therapy Builds On Ancient Wisdom

The wisdom of ancient health methods lies behind the new practice of sound wave therapy. Contemporary science now is able to track what mystics have said for thousands of years, namely that all matter vibrates with energy at different frequencies.

What’s more, just because humans can’t hear some vibrations doesn’t mean they don’t exist. For example, humans can hear sounds that vibrate between 16 and 16,000 cycles per second. Experiments with animals ranging from dogs to dolphins show that the world is filled with frequencies that affect all life.

The principle behind these practices is called ‘resonance’. In theory, everything in the physical world has its own natural frequency. When these frequencies harmonize, it’s called resonance; when they clash, it’s called dissonance. And anyone who has listened to a teenager’s music understands the concept of dissonance!

This reality led to scientific studies with some surprising results: Sound waves can actually influence changes in the body’s systems, such as the immune, endocrine and autonomic systems. What’s more, human bodies are able to absorb frequencies beyond the range of normal hearing.

To understand resonance therapy better, think of how good you feel when listening to your favorite music. Instruments must be in tune with one another to make harmony, and the same is true of body, mind and soul. By finding the right resonances, therapists can help people restore their own natural harmony, which leads to better health.

This principle of resonance forms the basis of sound wave therapy. Using calculations based on the known frequencies of various elements, a therapist can determine a harmonizing resonant frequency for each individual, thus influencing a person’s body realign itself according to its healthiest energy matrix.

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