Some Useful Hints From A Top Book Writing Coach About Finding A Good Editor

As most any book writing coach should tell you, after you finish writing a book the hardest thing to do next is find an editor. It is not always a matter of sending the manuscript to many different publishers and praying one will get in contact with you. Much the same is also true for on line services. You may self publish your book, but without using an experienced editor it is likely not get much attention.

In short an editor makes a manuscript the very best it can possibly be. This goes beyond spelling and grammar checking. They can also fact check any citation referenced. They go over the layout making sure the chapters and headers are correct. Most importantly, they offer ideas. Having read many books they are full of ideas that can make your manuscript the next number one best seller.

Begin by determining what type of editing services you really require. Most manuscripts will need some developmental type editing. Copy editing is carefully going through a manuscript and attempting to improve on it. Generally hard editing is reading through it with a close eye and looking for misspelled words and other simple mistakes that often make them awkward to read in print form.

Check their credentials out. This is a work of your art you will be handing over to someone else, never be frightened to ask the hard questions so you are comfortable with them. Make sure they also have in depth knowledge their job and a particular understanding of the genre you are attempting to break into. This is critical knowledge and their experience could be the difference failing and winning.

Most editors like to brag of their success stories. There is no real shame in this and should be expected. Look at any website they have to see a list of their successful publications. Keep this in mind though, it is very likely that 80 percent of these books are self published. See how many of their titles were actually published by traditional clearing houses.

A Good editor will always ask for positive testimonials from anyone they have worked for. Just like anybody else you hire take the time and effort to read through these and to possibly contact some to get any more information about them. Look at various web sites to see if they have information for them and what they really thought of the books that are not self published.

See if they have written any manuscripts themselves. This will go far to show that they can easily point out different problems and have the working knowledge to fix them too. You would be very surprised how many editors write as a side job under various pseudonyms.

This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Finding a good book writing coach and editor will affect your career in a huge way. Be patient and take the time to do it correctly and in 10 years you too can share your success story with other beginning writers.

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