Some Untold Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements

There are a lot of different benefits of fish oil supplements that doctors share with their patients, but still there are some that remain unsung. But, clinical trials continue to show positive effects of fish oil supplements when used to prevent or treat some ailments. Traditionally doctors communicate fish oil’s potential in order to improve and prevent different medical conditions that are associated with the cardiovascular system, including high triglycerides, coronary heart disease as well as high blood pressure.

Quite often fish oil is referred as Omega 3 acid – an essential fatty acid (EFA) which is vital since the human body cannot synthesize them. Instead of it, they have to be consumed through supplementation or diet.

Some EFAs are Omega 6 acids – the type we traditionally get from such food sources as cheese, red meat and butter. People, especially living in Europe and North America traditionally consume too many of these fatty acids and thus they develop cardiovascular complications. It could be a result of inflammatory features worsened by long term use of Omega 6 fatty acids.

In fact, EFAs are precursors to the eicosanoids – chemical messengers in all the cells in human body. There are both good and bad eicosanoids. The good ones are traditionally synthesized through Omega 3 acids while the bad ones are synthesized through Omega 6 acids. Good eicosanoids produce inflammatory effects while bad eicosanoids produce anti inflammatory effects.

Today the medical community performs clinical trials validating the effectiveness of dietary fish oil and Omega 3 supplementation in improving and preventing medical conditions that are associated with the cardiovascular system. But, it does not include fish oil’s positive effects as a buffer against these conditions. But, still the evidence is quite hard to deny and a lot of people are willing to put their health on hold while waiting for the medical community to catch up.

There are some medical conditions for which Omega 3 supplementation is quite beneficial. These conditions traditionally include breast cancer, prostate cancer, dry eye syndrome, ADHD, multiple sclerosis and asthma and many others. Medical researchers attribute the advantages of fish oil supplements to their anti inflammatory qualities.

Traditionally, the majority of medical afflictions arise from genetic predispositions. But, eating a healthy diet which includes more Omega 3 acids and less Omega 6 acids could prevent healthy cells from mutating into those that can cause all these afflictions.

Before you actually start eating more fish, you could want to consider supplementation your diet with fish oil pills because wild seafood could contain different toxins as dioxins, mercury and PCBs. As well eating farm raised fish is not the best solution to that problem. Traditionally such fish is grain fed as well as not fed with algae which contains heavy amounts of Omega 3 acids. And thus the best solution is to take fish oil supplements.

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