Some Pros And Cons Of Universal Health Care

Many people have been working to get universal health coverage into the United States. The model has been the Canadian or United Kingdom model. The idea of free health care is a strong inducement for this discussion at every level of one major political party. This is part of a list of the pros and cons of universal health care that needs to be looked at before actually taking over in the United States.

A very prominent pro is that this system should be covering everyone who lives in the United states. The best care in the world is to be offered to all without the need to pay for it. The con to this would be the fact that if many people can not afford it, the government will have to make sure they are paid for by a voucher. The already strained federal budget will cause all taxes and current insurance rates to go up to meet these new expenses.

Most other countries that have universal health care also have allowances for individuals to buy private insurance to handle those things that can not be had through the government system. This has been shown to be the primary source of medical attention for a good many procedures that must be performed every year. Other countries lose their citizens, temporarily, while they go to other countries to get some work performed not allowed by that government.

A pro for this system would be the stated principle of cost savings. The con would be the way in which costs are saved. The creation of a board, such as is done in France, under the N. I. C. E. System, has already caused many Doctors, in the United States, to sell their practices and retire from the health care industry. It has has also caused needless deaths.

One good pro is that all people living in the United states would have an insurance policy. While adding 40 to 50 million new patients, with no new Doctors, the system will headed for disaster. The medical attention in all other countries with this type of coverage has been proven to be toward the bottom of the care spectrum. This creates a very big con.

The United States’ entry into the universal coverage field is the Affordable Care act. This also known as ObamaCare. Costs for insurance have gone up faster than advertized and quality has begun to go down. The additional taxes on medical devices will continue to deny this type of technological advances that will put many people at risk.

The pro is that everyone must pay for everyone else. The pros and cons of universal health care, in the United States is more con than pro. Especially in a land that cherishes freedom.

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