Some of the Best Treatments For Kidney Stones

There are many treatments for kidney stones, which range from herbal remedies to surgery, and everything in between. Your doctor will be the one to determine if you need a medical procedure or if you can treat your kidney stones at home if you get diagnosed with them. You may be prescribed certain medications for pain. Here are some ways you can treat and control kidney stones.

Certain medical procedures can be performed if your kidney stones are extremely large or painful. One such type of surgery is ureteroscopy, which is when a thin tube is inserted into the urinary tract to try and break up or remove the kidney stone. Another option is called ESWL, which uses shock waves to break up kidney stones. When the stones are too large to be removed any other way, open surgery may be recommended. This is an operation where the surgeon makes an incision in your side so that the stone can be removed.

Applying warmth can be soothing when you have kidney stones. A warm bath can be relaxing and help reduce pain. By adding bath salts or aromatherapy oils to your baths can not only increase their effectiveness but also provide you with more relaxation. Taking at least two warm baths a day is a good idea when you have kidney stones. You can also apply heating pads to the painful region. Apply the heat to the lower back or to the front of your body, where ever you have the most discomfort.

Getting regular exercise is beneficial for everyone, but it’s especially important when you have kidney stones. If your kidney stones are causing severe pain, get medical help to get your symptoms under control, which can mean some type of surgery. However, as part of your long term recovery and to prevent future problems, regular exercise is very important. Doing physical activity helps to direct calcium from your bloodstream, where it can cause problems, and into your bones where it can be helpful.

Certain types of bodywork can be helpful for treating kidney stones. For example, acupuncture can help relieve the pain typically associated with kidney stones and may even help in passing them quickly. Practitioners of Chinese medicine may also recommend that you use certain herbs in addition to acupuncture. Reflexology, which is a type of bodywork that uses acupuncture points without needles, can also be helpful. Other types of bodywork and massage techniques can help you relax, reduce stress, and control the symptoms of kidney stones.

It’s important to choose the right treatment when you have kidney stones. Your doctor will tell you if you need any surgery, but often you can successfully pass kidney stones using natural methods. In this article, we’ve looked at some of the ways kidney stones can be treated, and you should also learn what changes you have to make to reduce the chances of having this painful condition ever recur.

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