Some Key Health Benefits Of Spices

When people think of the health benefits of spices, one thing that comes to mind is cure for diseases. However, these food additives have been used for many generations in ancient times and even in the modern world for many other advantages they add to the diet. There are many herbs and other organic seasoning products that add a lot of value to the human body. Read on to find some of these uses.

Taking spicy foods can help you to lose weight, as they tend to elevate your body metabolism. Addition of chopped jalapeno or hot sauce increases the palatability of tasteless food. This enables you to stick to your daily dieting program.

Spicy ingredients also increase the heart function. Recent research has indicates that there is lower chance of getting heart disease and stroke among people who eat spices. Chili, for example, eliminates the harmful effects of cholesterol. Capsaicin also reduces inflammation, which is a major problem for those with heart problems.

Most seasonings contain a great amount of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese. Potassium is an essential component of body fluids and the cell. Manganese acts as a co-factor for superoxide dismutase, which is an antioxidant enzyme.

Most spices have been associated with the prevention of cancer. Turmeric found in curry powder and some mustards polyphenol curcuma. This chemical compound slows down or halts the development of tumors and the spread of melanoma. On the other hand, capsaicin has the potential to completely destroy some leukemia and cancerous cells.

Flavorings may prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. The contents of spices have been proven to have anti-clotting action, thus preventing platelets clogging in the blood vessels. This eases the flow of blood, thus, preventing coronary artery disease and even stroke. Cardamom improves the antioxidant status of the body. Cinnamon can be used to combat diabetes, lower rate of inflammation and reduce blood glucose levels especially for diabetics.

Spices increase the production of hormones that uplift the moods. Serotonin, for example, is effective in combating the effects of stress and depression. These ingredients also improve brain function. They help reduce the degeneration of brain cells and even combat diseases of the nervous system. The body, therefore, functions better because stressful conditions are eliminated before they can take a toll.

The volatile oils in different flavorings may act as rubefacient. This increases the blood flow and improves circulation making the skin to feel warmer. They are usually used as home remedies for sore muscles and arthritis, as they can function as poultice or used in hot baths. In addition, spices are also useful in aromatherapy and are used as additives in deodorants for the perfume industry.

They can be used to substitute salt in food intakes. This helps reduce the amount of sodium consumed. This use is beneficial for individuals suffering from hypertension, diabetes or kidney disease. Too much salt is not good for the body and heavy consumers can use spices as an alternative.

Historically, people believed that flavorings are harmful to the body. Therefore, most people do not know the immense health benefits of spices. However, these food additives contain lots of phytonutrients, antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals, which are crucial for our wellness.

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