Some Important Facts About Humanofort

Embryonic peptide known as Humanofort was designed and produced in Romania more than thirty years ago. The purpose was to help increasing the muscle size and to reduce the recovery time. The product is designed to increase the natural production of human hormone testosterone, on the perfectly natural way.

This successful combination of oligo peptide growth factors, essential amino acids and other nutritional substances is effective in many different ways. The interesting thing is that it is really effective on the cellular level. It doesn’t contain hormones, but promotes their natural production, what makes it perfectly safe to use.

This nutritional supplements proved to be very successful in stimulating the production of DHEA. This naturally occurring steroid is very important for maintaining healthy triglyceride levels. Increasing muscle mass is extremely efficient, with a much shorter recovery time and a number of positive effects on overall health.

In addition to reducing the physical and mental stress, cell stimulating properties promote healing processes and slow the aging process. Increasing levels of hormones, especially testosterone, Humanofort promotes muscle growth in a completely natural way. Increased levels of the hormones affects the libido, and even the amount of sperm.

Both sexes will benefit from using Humanofort. The increased libido level, increased sperm count, delayed menopause and better regeneration are just some of these positive effects. Aging processes are significantly slower as well.

It reduces oxidation stress, normalizes elevated cortisol levels and a beneficial effect on the level of insulin in the body. Diabetics can safely use this preparation. Regulating blood sugar, it normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood, which has a positive effect on several levels, including the acceleration of the process of losing excess weight and subcutaneous fat.

Besides decreasing stress and and increasing energy and power, Humanofort has a significant effect on the speed of recovery after exposure to stress or physical exertion. The organism is stronger and more able to cope with different challenges. It should be noted that most of the users stated that they sleep much better since taking this preparation.

Humanofort is still relatively unknown to most users outside of Europe. Some studies proved its numerous beneficial effects, and no side effects were found so far. In any case, body builders all round the world are more than satisfied with their results. The product is perfectly safe, and it doesn’t contain hormones, but increases their natural production.

Most experts agree that the recommended dosage should be somewhere around 600 to 2000 mg daily, in two to three doses. Twice a day should be enough, anyway. The best way is to take one dose in the morning, and another one in the evening. Results will be visible very soon.

Humanofort is a natural supplement designed primarily for body builders and professional athletes. There are many positive effects on increasing muscle mass, reducing fat in the blood, increasing sexual desire and libido and overall health. Completely naturally, it affects weight loss and regulates insulin, and also helps with recovery after training.

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