Sodium Nitrate In Food

You may have heard of sodium nitrate, a potentially dangerous additive that is added to a multitude of foods, in addition to just about every luncheon meat, to help extend the “shelf life” of those foods. Foods with sodium nitrate are highly discouraged in the paleo diet. Many additive free dishes can be found in paleo recipes.

Without this additive you could not keep the meat in your refrigerator for any length of time. Neither would the grocery store be able to keep it around for as long as it does. In either case, it would rapidly spoil.

Nearly every packaged and processed food on the market contains sodium nitrate. Therefore, we are unknowingly and undoubtedly consuming it in quantities much larger than we may suspect.

Some of the items that contain this preservative include bacon, hot dogs, ham, breakfast sausage, pepperoni, and beef jerky. It’s even found in the meats sold in canned soups.

Some researchers and public health officials believe that sodium nitrate might even be the primary trigger of pancreatic cancer in those individuals who consume these products — even in moderate amounts.

Recent studies back up this educated guess. The new study mentions that the chance of developing this form of cancer has increased to 67 percent in people who eat these foods on a regular basis.

But pancreatic cancer isn’t the only danger waiting for you at the end of that hot dog. Higher leukemia rates have been associated with the consumption of hot dogs.

Expectant mothers are advised by some experts to avoid processed meats. This preservative is linked to a heightened risk of brain tumors in infants. Thus, the reason processed meats are inadvisable to expectant mothers.

That’s not to say it can’t be done. The first step in nourishing your inner caveman could be to choose not to consume processed meats. It can be done and it will take the same perseverance you bring into your attempts to minimize your consumption of aspartame.

You can’t limit your awareness of sodium nitrate to items you purchase at the grocery store. Believe it! Sodium Nitrate is found in literally thousands of items at restaurants nationwide. So not only is it found in the processed foods you purchase, but in the entrees you order in restaurants and especially in fast food restaurants.

Manufacturers are beginning to offer consumers foods that are nitrate-free, so, when shopping you can search out these specific products. They still may be hard to find and you may have to shop at a health food store or find a natural grocer. Don’t be discouraged, it’s worth the effort when you consider the potential deadly consequences.

Since the Paleo diet is based on foods that were eaten earlier than the agricultural revolution, they do not include additives which can lead to heart disease and other health issues, By following the Paleo diet you are bettering your chance of a healthy life.

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