Social Anxiety Vs Self-Confidence

Most of us do not remember much about those early baby years, when life was simpler, reasons for confidence were plentiful, and negative temperaments were not so evident. Qualities like shyness, right and wrong behavior, and lack of confidence were not problems.The baby’s sense of amazement and curiosity promotes healthy feelings such as confidence. As the years of negative thoughts and experiences influence you, those healthy thoughts are covered by anxiety, shyness, and fear. As a result, many adults are stuck with these negative traits caused by our external environment’s effect on them.

[Social Anxiety]

Shyness or Social Anxiety Disorder? It is very natural for people to be shy at times. Shyness is a normal emotion experienced by normal, healthy people of all ages, from very small children, all the way through adulthood. It can be a good emotion to experience, too; in a way, shyness acts as a bit of a safeguard to keep us humble, and keep us on our toes in situations such as receiving compliments or being around someone we are attracted to, allowing us to create deeper bonds with people as a result.However, shyness that goes to extremes, making it impossible for a person to do things such as make eye contact with someone else or freely speak to them, is no longer just shyness. When this exaggerated “shyness” progresses to behaviors such as avoiding social situations altogether, then it becomes social phobia. In worse cases, sufferers can experience the typical symptoms of anxiety if they are forced into social situations. There is frequently racing of the heart, sweating, stuttering, nervousness, fast breathing, nausea and diarrhea, and other symptoms.

In fact, I would not be doing them a service or being fair to them. A counselor doesn’t really ‘fix’ broken people as much as they reveal the healthy person that is trapped within. When I counsel, I look to see the potential whereas their poor thinking traps them in anxiety. Together, the client and doctor work to create a healthy picture of being. The result of this shift in thinking comes in feelings of success, contentment, and optimism.

Usually, the longer a client has had a poor view of himself and his internal self, the harder it can be to change it. That is why it is so imperative for people with a faulty perception to get help as soon as possible. The rate at which recovery takes place is often based on the person’s willingness to be authentic, honest, and willing to dig deep into the past. When an individual can accept and appreciate their own significant self, they don’t have to feel anxious about limitations in their life, fears in their future, or inability in their performance. Successful people have a self confidence in their life that is calm, sure, and naturally content.

Take the next couple of days and spend time with this concept. Get rid of the stinking thinking, and win the war between Social anxiety vs. Self-confidence.Social Anxiety occurs not only when you’re talking to someone but can also occur when you’re an in a social environment, like going shopping or at school, parties. In order to overcome social anxiety you need to take small steps to building your confidence and creating positive experiences.

Social Anxiety-What It Is What happens when a person has social anxiety? This is a good question for anyone who feels they might have this issue or might know someone with it. Learning how to overcome it will come after the initial problem becomes understood.First off, a socially anxious person will feel anxious in these types of situations:Meeting new people,Being criticized,Having the center of attention,Doing an activity under surveillance,Meeting important or authoritative people,Being in a social situation, even with familiar people,Participating in group discussions,Engaging in close friendships or romantic situations

Slow Breathing:People who are suffering from social anxiety generally tend to breath quite quickly when they face a social situation and this results in other symptoms of anxiety and even makes the talking a little harder. You should talk normally and breathe properly. Don’t rush into completing what you want to say, just be casual and finish without hurry.Keep your breathing under control.

Try to balance the inhale and exhale process of breathing and take deep breaths. You can consciously slow your breathing down even though your thoughts are creating you to breathe quickly. Just by recognising that your starting to feel anxious, tell yourself to slow your breathing down. Just by doing this you will feel better and divert your thoughts.

This is proven by body language. If you really like someone then you will hold your body is toward the person. If you don’t like the person you will naturally turn yourself away from them. These thoughts create subtle changes in our body language.By changing your thinking habits from negative thoughts to positive thoughts, you can start to overcome your anxiety. By changing the movies and pictures you create in your mind your body will start to react in the same positive way. You can also consciously change the way you hold yourself to feel better.

Remember how it was mentioned to find who you want to be? That still applies and is a major part of the self-hypnosis process in order to overcome your phobia.Here are a few helpful steps to get going (how to overcome social anxiety):Write down positive things about yourself,Start small and push away any negative thoughts,Next, take note of a handful of situations that could improve without social anxiety.Remind yourself of these qualities and goals constantly.Following these steps, you can begin the hypnosis process. These are the basics for how to overcome social anxiety with self hypnosis:Find a quiet, peaceful place where you can go for at least 30 minutes.While sitting comfortably, close your eyes and breathe deeply, focusing on relaxing.Count down slowly from ten, imagining something like an elevator or cracks in a sidewalk.At count one, a door opens. Imagine whatever you need there and include your list.Continue to breathe deeply and say anything aloud if you think it helps.When you are ready, leave the room and count slowly upward to ten.At count ten, slowly open your eyes and feel the power in your own suggestions and calm.Next time you wonder if you’ll ever feel comfortable socially, hypnosis may help you. It is even a solution for how to overcome social anxiety that you can do on your own.

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