Slimming Down With Out Dieting

However, the idea of having to go on a diet may seem daunting for most people.

You don’t have to go for that tedious calorie-counting and strict meal-planning, although you do have to watch what you eat.

Breakfast prepares your body for the rigors of the day ahead, and if you have a healthy breakfast some of that energy that you will be burning up will be fat as well.

Nutritionists, dieticians and many healthcare professionals agree that five or six smaller meals a day are better for weight loss than the standard three we were raised on. It was noted that your metabolism is put to work all day if you have that light meal every two or three hours rather than slowing it down because there’s no food to digest for about five hours if you stick to the traditional three big meals.

Pack healthy snacks to eat at work, and make your own food at home. Fruit, vegetables and wholegrains are ideal.

Drinking lots of water is of course healthier for you than sodas and cream-laden hot drinks. Most weight loss experts will recommend increasing the amount of exercise you do. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you should start slowly and not overdo it. A small amount of exercise, say a 10 minute walk, done a few times a day is more likely to lead to successful weight loss. Having some form of exercise equipment at home is another of the three factors mentioned earlier. The equipment doesn’t have to be hundreds of dollars worth of home gym all-in-one machinery. A simple exercise ball or band will do. Because you are exercising at home, you can exercise when it suit you without having to factor in time spent in traffic, changing etc.

Small changes will definitely make a difference, regardless of whether your goal is to lose two or twenty pounds.

Trust Dr Rabanus to help you decide which options are best for your smile.

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