Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

Moisturizing skincare products are essential to people having dry skin type. Hyaluronic acid and collagen are two popular and powerful hydrating ingredients which provide moisture to skin. But, skincare products containing only hyaluronic acid and collagen may not be effective in moisturizing your skin. Other ingredients such as jojoba oil and Vaseline may be required to lock moisture in your skin.

Facial mask is another way to hydrate your skin. It provides an instant boost of moisture in skin. But, unless you apply moisturizing skincare products (essence and cream) afterwards, the moisture may not be locked in skin. Besides, your skin may be irritated by the large amount of nutrients of facial masks.

The main ingredient of facial toner is water. But, it does not mean that it is a good way for skin hydration and moisturization. Most facial toner is not designed for hydrating or moisturizing purpose, but more cleansing and purifying purpose. It only maintain skin at the best condition to absorb the skincare products (nutrients) afterwards.

Facial sprays are largely composed of water and thermal water. Though these sprays provide instant moisture to skin, they do not provide a good moisturizing effect (locking water in skin). It is because facial sprays contain large amount of trace minerals but not moisturizing ingredients. Therefore, without proper moisturizing action afterwards, frequent spraying may lead to drier skin.

Most skincare products provide many different functions and that is why we call them all-in-one skincare products. The all-in-one skincare products usually claim for high moisturizing properties. Actually, the moisturizing properties may not be as strong as that of simple moisturizers. Therefore, it is advised to apply simple moisturizers in dry weather instead.

Essence is one of the most expensive types of skincare products because of its concentrated content. Actually, essences may not provide a better moisturizing effect to skin compared to moisturizers. Essences work in the deeper layer of skin but moisturizer lock moisture in the outer layer of skin.

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