Six Useful Suggestions For Saving Money

When times are difficult, like they have become lately, it is time to cut costs. This is not a popular move, but to be honest, it need not be such a problem as you might envisage. The biggest single cost for most households is the energy bill and in especially the electric bill. If you do not use electricity to cook or heat your house, then the next greatest contributor to your bill is probably lighting.

Anyway, here are six tips for reducing your household expenditure.

1] Plan your menu before you go shopping. If you can, plan your meals for the entire week so that you can use bits and pieces from one day’s meals in the next day’s. It is also easier and less expensive to buy in quantity, which will also save you travelling costs. Use coupons were you can. It is an obvious idea, but one that a lot of people overlook as they peruse their magazines.

2] Substitute all your traditional, incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL). These bulbs use a low amount of energy, but still put out a high volume of light. It is a good idea to check for the ‘Energy Star’ rating before you buy in order to ensure that you are getting a high quality product.

3] Instead of using all the lights in a room, try to illuminate only what you need. If you are working at your desk, switch off all the other lighting except a desk top lamp and possibly a standard floor lamp. It is astounding how far light travels in a dak room. The light from two lamps such as these will be plenty to see your way about too.

4] Buy stocks of light bulbs by the score. They will last a long time, but the CFL bulbs will not deteriorate, so as the price rises with inflation, you will have a stock at the old price. If you can, buy them online, because an online retailer has fewer expenses, which can translate into savings of as much as 70%. Online auctions are also a good idea, you may be able to pick up bankrupt stock.

5] Cook your own meals and make your own food for work. Take home-produced sandwiches or salads. A flask of tea or coffee will supply up to $25 of Starbucks’ substitute coffee drinks

6] Put as many of your lights and appliances on timers or photosensitive switches. If you use passive infra red sensors to activate lights to deter intruders in your garden, you could be using up more electricity than you need to during the day. If you buy flood lights with photosensitive switches, then they will deactivate the lights during daylight when they are pretty useless anyway.

If you have a pond and pond lights, you can also use similar switches to turn your pond lights and pond fountain off during the nighttime..

None of these measures should have a detrimental effect on your lifestyle, although they will save you money.

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