Simply because it's a infant stuff, does not imply it’s good for your little one

Today I read a very worrying report on how Johnson & Johnson is continuing to use dangerous chemicals in their baby shampoo here in the States, but have dropped it abroad. My first reaction was shock which then turned to concern. Isn’t Johnson & Johnson based here in the U.S. ? Isn’t it an American corporation? And why then would they be less nervous about our American youngsters ‘ safety than those abroad? I just could not accept that this is going to be true, but after reading the tale, it does appear that it’s right on the cash. However angering, we have American firms who feel a bit like it’s OK to use harmful ingredients in our baby skin products here while at the same time they're substituting better ingredients abroad.

It began 2 years back when the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics released a dispatch entitled No More Toxic Tub. It exposed the beauty product offerings for kids industry and revealed that many corporations, including Johnson & Johnson, were producing baby products with dangerous chemicals. These included chemicals known to cause cancer such as quaternium-15. This chemical essentially releases formaldehyde which is used to preserve dead bodies and leads to cancer.

After this report came out, J&J stopped using the ingredient in their baby shampoo, but here’s the catch: not internationally. Apparently the babies in Norway, the U.K, Sweden, Japan, Finland, Denmark and Holland were worthy of having this toxic chemical removed from their shampoo. What about the babies in Canada, Australia, Indonesia, China and the United States? Not so blessed. Quaternium-15 is still in the baby shampoo being sold and distributed in all of these nations. This is clearly despicable. They have found a safe option and are manufacturing the shampoo without this carcinogen but for some reason they believe it’s fine to keep on selling it in specific parts of the globe.

When questioned why this is hence Johnson & Johnson gave a really puny answer that they haven't gotten around to reformulating the U.S. Formula. What? That makes little sense as they obviously have another formula they're selling. They also stammered that they no longer make new releases with formaldehyde releasing chemicals. Are we supposed to be impressed by this? Actually? No new baby products with this known poison? Hooray! It's actually angering. When polls are conducted among the U.S. Public, Johnson & Johnson is constantly ranked as one of the most reputable brands. Obviously everybody needs to do our research and start reading labels.

So what can we do? Firstly, we must demand that our cosmetic firms hold our American babies and children in as high regard as global kids. The standard of care here shouldn't be any lower than abroad. As purchasers we vote with our greenbacks, so stop buying these products straight away. Tell your mates about it too. This is perilous stuff that nobody should be putting on their baby. Second, look for possibilities.

There are lots of small beauty product manufacturers that are making organic skin creams that are safe for babies and children. Buy and use those products as an alternative. 3rd, get involved politically to make sure that our government representatives pass stronger laws which prohibit established firms from poisoning our youngsters in order to make higher profits. It is just flat out unsuitable. We must hold these firms accountable for their actions since they clearly can't be left to hold themselves accountable. Go green and spread the news. We will not sit idly by and watch our kids get poisoned.

Genetie Watkins is a mummy at the same time an active writer. She is very wary in selecting organic skincare products as her natural remedies for her baby’s sensitive skin. Read her article about beauty products and their effects to your baby.

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