Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Yeast Infection in Women

Female yeast infection occurs as a result of an organism called candidiasis. As the name suggest, it is prone to the females. This contagion normally frequents the genitals. Experts reveal that it is so much prone to women up to the fact that seventy-five percent of females ought to experience it, once in their lives. It is also alleged that fifty percent risks contracting it more than once in their lifetime.

This should not be confused that all females have to contract it in their lives. But the fact remains that they are the most prone. Sexually Transmitted Infections normally come with almost the same symptoms with this disease. It is on this note that the best way to find out what is the real source of this problem, visiting a physician is recommended.

This disease comes with a variety of signs and symptoms. The most common ones include, itching of vagina when urinating and uncomfortable feeling at the genitals. The flow of urine may also be hampered by its painful nature. The vulva appears to be swelling and turns to a strong scarlet in color. The enjoyment of sex is hampered due to the fact that it is painful and uncomfortable.

Expectant women risk higher traces of contraction. If it is present during child birth, the child might also contract it. The noticeable symptoms on the child are the presence of oral thrush around the lips. They appear in form of rashes or irritations that surrounds the mouth. Nonetheless, the condition can be treated by the administering of medicine to the child. An activity such as breast feeding contributes to the contamination from mother to child if by any chance, the mother has this disease. Treatment should be administered during the early stages to evade the effects which includes, the shedding of blood along the region surrounding the tip of a female breast.

Some of the propagation factors are; vaginal warmth, wet vagina, regular use or orally administered contraceptives and stress. There are other minor factors which include, poorly ventilated underwear, lack of vaginal lubrication during sexual intercourse and diabetes. For those who are diagnosed with mellitus version of diabetes, they are at a grater risk. The accumulated sugar as a result of diabetes mellitus is a good growing ground for yeast.

The most common over the counter drugs are antimycotics. Their major purpose is to terminate fungi. Also, the use of fungi resistant creams and other tablets is recommended. Establishing if the infection is yeast caused or not is hard. This is due to their almost analogous symptoms.

Thus, the best way is to consult a physician and undergo diagnosis concerning the condition and its symptoms. It is not advisable to use antihistamines due to the fact that they tend to cover the symptoms, yet the germs still persists. Some oral medications have also been invented to cure it.

Patients who are HIV positive have a difficulty in combating female yeast infection. This is because the prescribed medicines receive high opposition by the dominant HIV virus. For such a case, seeking the services of a qualified health official is the best option.

A female yeast infection can cause a large amount of stress on a woman. The yeast infection symptoms in women include more than just itching.

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