Significant Risk Caused By Hijackthis Download

I am writing today to call out a significant issue if you chose to use hijackthis. This software, though it will cure lots of browser hijacks as well as other things in your registry and start up that will slow down your computer and make it under perform, can be a real big problem for you as well. What most people don’t realize about hijackthis is that it is not a plug and play, simple to use, made for the beginner user type of software package. This software really goes beyond that to the highly developed user.

You see hijack this literally runs through your computer and scans for anything that could be a possible hijack as well as a potential threat to your computer. Some of the stuff it shows, however, is perfectly standard to be running on your system. Some of the stuff it shows is critical to the system functioning correctly. For instance, if you were to run hijackthis and get the results of the scan and then stop permanently every process that is in the results, chances are after you reboot your system your workstation will not work again. You can, of course, then reboot to last known good configuration, but every now and then that doesn’t even work. In other words you can really screw things up if you don’t know what you are doing.

So is there a download out there that is superior for removing malware, spyware and other things? Bottom line is if you are searching for a hijackthis download you are trying to repair one of two things. Either your computer is running incredibly slow or you are simply trying to remove some type of error message. Malware and Spyware are probably one of the leading causes for someone who wants to download hijackthis. The thing is most spyware these days is better at hiding itself than one would think. For instance a lot of times you will see a ctfmon.exe process or something similar running and it is hogging memory. This is actually normal, this will run and hog memory. The problem is a lot of spyware can leach on to this file and run in the background, untraceable to you. If you do a hijackthis download and remove this file from starting up, sometimes your computer will stop working.

Even worse about this is if you do make a change through this software you will not know the change in fact screwed your notebook up until your next restart. Here is my individual humor story for you. Once upon a time I ran hijackthis and removed a bunch of processes that I was sure was hogging system resources. I don’t typically restart my machine. I usually just leave it up for days and days. Most of my stuff is done through remote desktop connections anyway, so I do not really reply on my local machine for much more than an internet link and a screen. So anyway a few days go by and I reboot. Totally forgetting that I had done a download and scan remove with hijackthis. Computer wouldn’t boot up after a simple restart. It took me hours going through safe mode looking at all kinds of settings to find out I had closed a critical process.

In all what I am saying to you is that you need to be an expert if you are going to use an application like hijackthis so before you download it make sure you know what you are doing. If you in reality want to clear error messages from your PC then I would suggest you do a free scan at this site. This will tell you what is really wrong with your computer and walk you through fixing it. Much better than telling you all the processes running and asking which ones you don’t want to run anymore.

Did someone suggest you do a hijackthis download? Better read this.

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