Should You Use Only Natural Skin Care Products To The Exclusion Of All Other Types ? Find Out If You Are Doing The Right Thing Here

It is not hard to understand why lots of women prefer natural skin care products as opposed to synthetic ones. After all the word “natural” carries with it certain notions of being safe and free from side effects. But is this the reality ? Are natural products safe and synthetic ones unsafe? Should you not consider synthetic skincare products at all?

You may be tempted to think that “natural” is the answer to all of your skin problems. But the truth may not be like this . Because some so-called “natural” product are so natural at all. The reason is it is nearly impossible to find one that is 100% natural. Why? Because it is not a practical solution to make 100% natural skin care product that can not last long in storage.

That’s why manufacturers add preservatives to their products to increase shelf life and to cut cost. If you can find a 100% natural product, it will probably cost you a bomb to buy it, anyway.

With the scarcity of 100% natural products, it is quite likely that you may not be able to find one to treat a particular skin disorder. So you may have no choice but to turn to the synthetic types instead. It is still arguable whether synthetic products are harmful for your skin but the logical conclusion is that they are as bad as people make it out to be . If they were, you probably won’t find them for sale anymore because they would have been taken off the shelves by now.

In any case, you should choose a product less on it being “natural” and more on its suitability for the particular skin complaint you have. If you get an unsuitable but natural item, you may end up harming yourself even more. So your motto could be: “use natural but be open to synthetic”.

How should you select your natural skin care product? Try using these 3 factors:

i)* Your skin type (dry, oily, normal, sensitive)

2) * Climate
— e.g. hot and humid condition? Use oil-free natural skin care products

3) * The way you apply the product.
— it may be useless if you don’t use it in the proper way

Have you thought of making your own skincare product ? Today , you can get the required recipes on the internet or from books. That way, you can make your own “natural” product with organic fruits and vegetables, essential oils, herbal oils, etc.

Lastly, note that notwithstanding the fact that you are using a natural product for your skin, you should also be mindful of other aspects of skin care too. To complement your daily regime, you must :

i) eat healthily and avoid oily food
ii) exercise regularly
iii) drinks a lot of water (8 glasses everyday)
iv) keep clean

By following the above only then can you form a perfect and an exclusively natural skin care routine for a healthy and beautiful skin for a very long time.

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