Should You Perform Cardio On An Empty Tummy?

Many of us are now espousing the benefits of doing cardio on an empty stomach. This is said to help you burn up the fat faster. I know blokes at the Gymnasium who sit on top of an Exercise Bike for 45 minutes at a time, without having eaten a thing for Breakfast. Are they nutty, or have they stumbled on the holy grail of fat burning Cardiovascular methodologies?

But does it actually work the way they say it does, or are you only causing yourself to do something you are not very sure you need to do? In fact , its doubly hard to exercise without eating.

It is important to find out what actually goes on in your body in order for you to appreciate if working out without eating first is without doubt a brilliant idea.

Why It Is Dependent On The Intensity Of Your Workout

First, you have got to appraise the magnitude of the cardiovascular exercises that you are planning to do. Take note that high-intensity exercise programs use glucose as fuel, which implies that if you don't eat any carbs before you exercise, then you'll probably lack the capability to perform at the necessary strength level. Nevertheless if you're planning to do moderate-intensity exercises, your body can use fat as fuel and you can simply achieve the expected results without eating. You'll notice, though, that you are feeling more exhausted after your workout than if you have had something to eat.

Second, you need to consider your diet if you plan to do cardiovascular on an empty tummy. If you follow a diet that is very low in calories, then you're likely to feel more drained if you work out without eating first. If you're nervous about losing muscular mass due to muscle fatigue, a nice choice would be for you to take in some protein before a session session.

Eventually, you need to consider what the calorie burning benefits actually are. Remember that weight loss has more to do with the amount of calories that you consume vs the amount of calories you expend. Considering this, it isn't actually a matter of whether you should do cardiovascular on an empty stomach or if you should eat at least a light snack before working out; it is more an issue of making sure that you burn more calories than you take in.

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