Should You Eat Shortly Before Bed?

Many seem to hold firm to the belief that no foods should be eaten late at night. After all, we’re least active when we sleep so there won’t be an opportunity to burn off any excess calories as a result.

Is this the truth of the matter, or just a myth that has circulated so widely that it’s seen as truth? What do the facts of the matter actually suggest?

Your body will store excess fats that it doesn’t use up. If you generally eat more than your body needs then the excess energy will be stored as fat.

If you exercise today, you are not only burning the calories that you ate this morning. You will also be using up the calories that your body has stored at other times so it cannot be true that eating at night will cause you to become fat.

It is also the case that everything we do uses energy to some extent. All the little movements you make and even when you’re sleeping, you are in constant use of your energy supplies.

We all know that it wouldn’t be a healthy option for us to starve for more than 12 hours but that is effectively what is being done when we skip our evening meals. Your bodies need a regular supply of nutrients to stay healthy and in top form.

Although it might not be bad to eat late at night, it definitely is not good to eat sugary foods late at night. Sugary foods will cause you to have a bad night’s sleep, as your body will be in conflicting states of both a burst of energy and the circulation of melatonin at the same time.

Since getting a good night’s sleep is of utmost importance, you’ll want to avoid anything that may get in the way of this. Otherwise, you should know that eating foods late at night is no different from eating them during any time of the day.

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