Should I Join The Military Easy Answers For An Easy Question

Most teenagers now days by the time they get to their junior year are bombarded by recruiters to take a look at making a life in service of their country. With the added outlook of a poor economy and a declining job market many teenagers will ask themselves; should I join the military. This is a very personal question and not something to be taking lightly. You should also realize that it is a choice that will affect every aspect of your life after making it.

One of the differences between civilian jobs and being in the service is you will sign a service contract and will be bound by it. Said another way, if Ronald starts working at Pizza Hut and wants to quit he can. However, he can not do this in the military. Truthfully though, every branch of the armed service goes to extreme lengths to make sure its members are happy and are often flexible when problems arise.

Another thing to realize is despite what rank you make or how long you have been in there will always be a person telling you what things to do and how to do them. You will take an oath when you join to follow those orders, even if you disagree with them or do not want to follow them. Also remember that your true boss is the President of the US, and you must maintain yourself with honor and conviction.

Now for a few good things, fifty grand is a huge amount of dollars, it is also the common pay-out for all service members for college when they get out. However while they are in they generally cover up to one hundred percent of school related costs. Also the GI bill can be used up to ten years after being discharged.

Everyone likes to get away from their job for a while, this is why most companies offer vacation time. In the civilian world the average is 2 days paid vacation for every year worked. In the service it is a little different, your very first year in you will get 30 days paid vacation.

Many people get start thinking they need to leave their home town and travel across the world around the world they live in. This is never a problem in the service. And the greatest part, it does not cost you a penny.

The service has the best medical care available anywhere in the world. That’s right, the best health care you can get and it is free. And if you have a family it is free for them a well. With the price of health insurance increasing 5-7 percent every year coupled with increased copays cost limits, this can really add up.

Life in the service will not be an easy one. It is something which can change the who and what you really are forever. So when you ask yourself, should I join the military remember there is a last thing to think about; 20 years. There is not any other job which lets you work and retire in 20 years with full pay and full benefits until the day you die.

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