Shopping For Invisalign In Los Angeles

Invisalign is the name of a specific kind of temporary, durable, clear plastic aligner that was created for the purpose of correcting abnormalities of the jaw and teeth and malocclusions over time. There are numerous reasons this device is a wiser alternative than other options, such as crowns, implants, braces and veneers. When shopping for Invisalign in Los Angeles, consumers should carefully select a dental professional.

Some people avoid having the aforementioned imperfections corrected because they do not wish to draw attention to the problem with appliances that can be seen by others. The latter may include metal braces or similar devices. However, Invisalign is an appliance that is essentially invisible to other individuals, as its name implies.

Individuals who choose to have their problems corrected with metal braces, veneers, bridges, implants, or crowns may discover that the type of food they are allowed to eat is limited. For instance, it is frequently necessary for those wearing the aforementioned appliances to avoid common foods such as popcorn, nuts, gum, and taffy. Plastic aligners, however, can be taken out when the person wants to eat, and subsequently the individual runs no risk of the device breaking in his or her mouth.

Invisalign provides the same end result as braces and other dental appliances, but those results are typically longer-lasting. After the malocclusion is corrected with clear aligners, there is no recovery time during which one must be overly gentle or selective with regard to what he or she eats. Rather, all one must do is wear a retainer at night for several months after the device has served its purpose, and the results are permanent.

In addition to the fact that their presence is obvious to others, one will discover other pitfalls associated with metal braces. For example, they are permanent, and therefore cannot be removed for celebrations or special events. In contrast, a clear aligner can be taken out at the patient’s discretion.

Metal braces and other dental appliances often feature sharp edges. The latter can easily cut into one’s gums or the inside of his or her mouth throughout the treatment. Even though most individuals eventually become used to such devices, the aforementioned experience can be painful and even result in permanent scar tissue in certain instances. With Invisalign, this issue is of no concern.

Another advantage of clear devices is the fact that many insurance companies now cover appliances of this type. When first developed, they were considered cosmetic and for this reason not covered under dental insurance. However, due to the additional benefits which they are associated above and beyond those that are merely cosmetic, some dental plans now cover clear aligners.

As mentioned above, when pursuing Invisalign in Los Angeles, scheduling an appointment with a qualified orthodontist is essential, as not all patients are good candidates for such appliances. A licensed orthodontist or dental surgeon will be able to give the necessary advice regarding the appliance. Individuals who think such a device may be beneficial should speak to such a professional at their earliest convenience.

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