This video consists of amazing weight loss success stories in pictures! Some are from old seasons of Biggest Loser too! Enjoy some inspiration and motivation! Music by Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Natasha Beddingfield, Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Carrie Underwood, Keyshia Cole, Leann Rimes, Ashanti & Ciara in “Just Stand Up”

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  1. mayaluvsmusic is a dirty whore

  2. mariobactad says:

    inspiring, like everyone wants to watch his weight and better yet lose some maybe tough but achievable.

  3. crazyjn84 says:

    kudos dancem89 truly wonderful video with an awesome song, very inspiring just what i needed to see

  4. survivorjunkie says:

    Marty Wolff from Biggest Loser season 3.
    PS: he’s married to Amy, the first person in the slideshow!

  5. MissionWeightLoss says:

    this is BEAUTIFUL!!

  6. mayaluvsmusic says:

    6 month mark!!!

  7. ourgangsdarkoathsux says:


  8. ourgangsdarkoathsux says:

    WHO IS THE GUY @ 3:20??? O.O isnt he on youtube somwhere ???

  9. ourgangsdarkoathsux says:

    who is the guy at 1:28 ?!?! PLEASE!!! O.O

  10. FrozenAngelMelody says:

    awsome video and loving that song~

  11. torontoismine says:

    ALL fake just like the moon landings.

  12. Proj3ctChick says:

    ow nice vid…..ive jus joined the gym and is going 4-5x a week…the first 2weeks i dropped 8lbs but then for the pass 3days ive been eating a lot ….and this is exactly wat i needed to get back on track

  13. CFCwehatetottenham says:

    if you have an iPod touch or iPhone, I downloaded an app called iFitness. Brilliant thing that lets you record weight, thousands of exercises to do at home.

  14. babyg8878 says:

    thanks! this helps a lot

  15. way were they dressed in the after photo? in my mind, if i take off their clothes it’s no big difference

  16. ezpitialaura07 says:

    its very inspirational! i love the song as well!

  17. Triinityx says:

    any one has a good weight loss program to use or a site or something, planing on going down a few pounds ^^ please help me out . 😉

  18. 123ElijahGoesPee says:

    Wow. so great :]

  19. iRichard360 says:

    Just Stand Up by hella different artists. Its a charity song for cancer. Beyonce, carrie underwood, miley, natasha bedingfield, leona lewis, toooooo many more to mention.

  20. viksidada says:

    amazing video…
    im on a fitness program and needed something like this…
    awesome bro…
    by the way..which song is playing in the background??

  21. Pwndbyagirl says:

    Great job!!! I started my diet 30 days ago and just hit 11lbs, my goal is to lose 65lbs.

  22. Pwndbyagirl says:

    Grats!!! You can do it!!!

  23. yeshualovesu2 says:

    Nicely done! Keep the inspiration comming. Thanks :0)

  24. kkellerford says:

    Very Inspirational

  25. colleenmiller19 says:

    these videos are all so inspiring! i started by diet in january and im 40lbs down 62lbs to go hopefully by this time next year, and these videos really help when im havng a bad day to keep me on track and on target, thanx 😀

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