Septic System Maintenance and Servicing

If you do not have your septic system service serviced by a plumber, you risk the chance of damage occurring to your system including the leach field. Over time, a septic system can develop problems such as the build up of solid waste which can leach into the drain field and back up into the home. If waste fills the drain field, you will likely have to have a new drain filed created and possible acquire a new septic system if the damage is extensive. This can cost thousands of dollars. A plumber can help maintain a septic system by offering a number of septic services.

A plumber can pump your septic tank. There are a few factors to take into consideration when having your septic tank pumped. When to have it pumped depends on the size of the tank and how much the septic tank is used. The more people living I your home using the septic system, the more periodically you should have the tank pumped. Also, soil in a drain field that does not perk well can be negatively impacted by heavy rains such as water not absorbing and evaporating properly. Generally speaking, a homeowner should have their septic tank pumped every 2 years.

Plumbers offer other septic services. They have the tools and technology to give the waste water lines a thorough cleaning. They use video cameras to take a look inside the drain lines. They also exam a septic system to determine if there are problems, or potential problems such as damaged components and worn parts. They also make sure the toilet is flushing properly, water pressure is normal, and look for any leaks in the pipes and their connections. Plumbers add bacterial additives to the septic system to keep the drain lines clean and the septic tank full of vegetative microbes that consume and digest waste. Because your septic system relies on bacteria to break down the solid waste, plumbers use non corrosive and non bacteria killing products, and a plumber will likely advise you of what is safe and not safe to put down the drain. Putting hazardous materials in the septic system cannot only damage the system but also contaminate the ground water table.

There are a number of things a homeowner can do to maintain their septic systems. They can avoid pouring chemicals and other items that are not suppose to go in the plumbing system down drains and toilets. They can minimize water usage. Having the plumbing checked and serviced by a professional plumber every year or two will help maintain the system and prevent problems that can be expensive to repair. As well, use the garbage disposal for its intended use and not a place to put all of your garbage. As well, thoroughly rinse sinks and the bathtub after use. Keep food items and non food items out of the sink. Do not pour grease, fat, or oil in the garbage disposal or drain. As well, keep your drain field free of trees, tree roots, and other vegetation.

Septic system maintenance and servicing by a plumber is essential to maintaining the septic system and all of its parts. Because you rely on the system in your daily life and repairing big problems can be very expensive, it is important to make sure you take good care of your septic system with septic services Ottawa.

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