Senna Tea Is Often Used To Shed Weight Which Isn’t Good For You

In Africa, Middle East and in some parts of Asia, Cassia leaves and pods are used as herbal medicines. Most of the time, Senna is used to treat constipation but people are usually careful when they use this for long periods of time because of the possible negative side effects that they might experience. Still, it is being used by some people because Senna leaves are found to be effective in trimming down extra weight.

Losing weight is of course one of the most common frustrations of people all over the world. Since Senna is a strong herb and can actually clean your colon thoroughly in a matter of hours, it is one of the ingredients being used by laxative and other slimming products that are available in the market.

Do remember that when drinking Senna herbal tea, your potassium level will come down and this can result to a variety of other things such as bone loss, kidney problem, water retention, renal impairment and other health related problems. There are also people who have certain conditions that are not allowed to take Senna tea. For instance, if you are pregnant, have appendicitis or inflamed intestines, taking Senna tea will be bad for your health.

An additional side effect brought on by taking laxatives or senna is abdominal cramps. The cramps are really brought on from the resin residue discovered within the tea. Experts suggest immersing the tea first in water for around 10 hours until the resin residue drops down towards the bottom from the cup or container. You are able to then strain the tea to create certain that you steer clear of taking in any from the resin residue.

If you would like to take slimming teas to lose weight, make sure that the tea you are using will not have any effect on your menstrual cycle and fertility. Also, if you notice that you are losing weight much too fast, it is possible that what you are taking is not healthy. Herbalists usually recommend other kinds of teas to people who have weaker immune and digestive systems because like mentioned earlier, Senna tea is sometimes much too strong especially for pregnant women.

Be aware that the negative side effects will manifest if you would take the laxatives or the tea for more than the prescribed time duration. Over using the laxatives will not be good for your health. Actually, it can even cause severe constipation and pain. In severe cases, the colon would have to be taken out completely.

Some folks think that it really is cool to overdose on laxatives because it can get you to get slimmer but then you might be risking your well being in the process. Do keep in mind that it might result in permanent damage towards the gastrointestinal tract. It can possibly cause the bones to soften.

I hope the article covered most of your questions. For more information on the topic of laxatives for weight loss or laxative foods you must go on my websites.

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