Senior Care Requires Compassion And A Sympathetic Ear

It is a universal truth that reversal of roles happens in human life. It is the duty of the young generation to care for their parents in the way they were taken care of when they were children. Although senior care is like caring for a child, it has some delicate differences.

When responsible for this type of care it is important to treat the elderly as individuals and with respect. They are our equals and require a lot of patience, compassion and love. As they can sometimes become incapable of looking after themselves they require a companion.

Living areas need to be checked for dangers like slippery surfaces, sharp objects and heating. It is very important to keep a safe environment. As the get older people can often forget basic things.

As people age physically their mind may not age in parallel. Some may become more like a child. This is a form of dementia and needs to be catered for. You may need to see things from their perspective, and patiently deal with their needs. Others may still think they can be quite independent, when actually they are not. This is something you need to be aware of, and keep a careful eye on what they are doing.

If you show haste in making them understand, it may have a negative result and they may get upset too. An minor disagreement or a small argument may result in high blood pressure. Such risky situations can be avoided if problems are faced in a cool manner.

It is important to be aware of the medication that the person you are caring for, is on. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are getting their medicines at the appropriate time. Missing out on important medication may result in harm to the person.

Doctors advise elderly people to keep diet restrictions in mind. They must also to do exercises, especially if they cannot lead active lives. For this purpose they need help from others as it is difficult to stick to such schedules by themselves.

Frustrations and emotions can require venting at times in everyone and elderly people are no different. If they need to vent, be patient and listen to them as they usually just need an ear to listen and not necessarily an opinion or a comment. Having a caregiver trained in this field look after someone in their own home if possible is often a good idea. Their home is their comfort zone. They will feel relaxed there rather than being in a facility where everything would be alien to them.

Elderly people can now be sent to old age homes but it should be thought of as a last resort. Living in their own homes give them the feeling of comfort. Moving to a strange place can be an unsettling experience. Senior home health care Toronto requires devotion and dedication of the highest level.

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