Self Hypnosis: Free Your Mind from Rules and Conventions and Unleash its Inherent Power

This harsh and challenging economic conditions often prevent people from getting in touch with their spiritual side, considering that every day is a new struggle for survival, chasing material security and improving their life standards. Pursuing a career takes up all their time, preventing them from stopping for a little while, releasing the negative energy and acknowledging the surrounding world. Spiritual enlightenment is essential to leading a healthy and balanced life.

Vipassana is a type of meditation whose core meaning is to see things for what they truly are, free from conventions or preconceived ideas. This meditation technique is associated with numerous practices and concepts, but its essential meaning focuses on controlling the mind and transcending our limits, while accessing higher stages of spiritual enlightenment.

Controlling the mind has nothing to do with this practice, because human beings will always use worldly techniques of control and they often don’t apply to this extent. When practicing this technique, people must set their emotions free, trying to understand what’s happening around them and acknowledging every step of the way. Impermanence is central to Vipassana meditation technique, preaching that all things born into this world will eventually disappear.

Another type of practice whose goal is to bring people in touch with their spirituality is walking meditation, but this is different from Vipassana technique as it is a dynamic, and not a static type of meditation. While submitting to this procedure, people take long walks and acknowledge every step of the way, focusing on the changes that supervene in both physical movements and thoughts. This is a procedure based on self-awareness and concentration, essential to understanding the human mind and its mechanisms.

A technique rather different from walking meditation or Vipassana is self hypnosis and as its name suggests, it moves the focus from awareness to relaxation and submitting to a state of passiveness, while releasing all the negative energies and allowing the body to encompass physical borders. You can acquire informative material or CDs with self hypnosis techniques, but it will be better to record your own, tailored on your needs and methods.

Spirituality is much more important than gaining material security or striving to build successful careers. Actually, all these are stages in life, but without getting to know the power of the mind and releasing the negative energies, nothing else can be carried out successfully.

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